New computer!

Yeah, if spending just a single thousand isn’t good enough, then do this.

Tim, Crysis.
Oh wait, you can’t play it on max specs?

Yeah, that’ll play any source game, MY PC plays HL2:EP2 on full (minus resolution, but I never max that out anyway), and that’s better than mine.
Especially in the gfx card. (Psst, no vista bashing >:()

Exception that proves the rule!!

Or, I think he meant a game that wasn’t ridiculous and made for a computer that will be built five years from now. And one that wasn’t 90% eye sex and 10% game.

Crysis is a game, and a good one at that.
It’s built for PC’s that are yet to exist, but it’s still a good game.

Wouldn’t know, I haven’t played it. I meant content wise.

Why does Crysis come up every single time I mention my computer being good >_>

I’ve never even heard of it outside that context.…pk=4%2bGB%2bSSD
Good ones like what I was suggesting are about $200 at the moment…

I dunno, I wouldn’t pay any more than, say, 20 bucks to improve loading times. The longest I ever have to wait is like… 6 seconds? I don’t turn my computer off, so bootup isn’t an issue.

Even with my super fucked up boot management, startup takes about a minute. I don’t see why some people are so obsessed with bringing that down <_<

but the ram doesn’t reset that way does it? it seems like it would make your comp slower.

by advice of my other advisor i switched some things around.
cooled by 2 120mm fans btw

i was told not to get a generic PSU, so that rules out case/PSU combos.

Most pertinent RAM resets on an app-by-app basis. If my comp’s going slow or wonky, resetting just FF is usually enough.

Heh, my PC goes off every night (well… morning, if you want to be pedantic), because it’s in my room and I can’t sleep even with it’s fairly quiet noise.
Only real RAM drain I ever get are higher spec games, FF3beta5 really improves memory management, quite an incredible amount.

Meh, I like my computer noise, especially now that I replaced my graphics card fan that was rattling or something. Pro tip: Use ball bearings, not sleeves.

Will do.

I like my computer noise, but not when I’m sleeping!

dude on that you could easily run crysis lookin good

but on the subject of stores i use memory express (but then aggain im canadian)

oh and i perfer saphire nvidia cards because they tend to like my motherboard :smiley:

Did you happen to inquire why? My case came with a PSU, and it’s still working perfectly, haven’t ever had any problems…

Actually, come to think of it, my case didn’t come with a generic power supply. checks I guess it came with an Ultra PSU… So did my friend’s, if I remember right. So, yeah, if you’re avoiding generic PSUs, then some case/PSU combos still work.

well guys, i’m happy to announce that i purchased the products last tuesday and they arrived safely by UPS today (tuesday).

Intel C2D E8400
Gigabyte G31 micro ATX
Zotac 9600 GT (i think it was gt…)
4gig AData ram w/ heatspreader
Rosewill case (despite negative reviews it worked just great for me. people are too spoiled
Rosewill 600W PSU
2 Apevia 120MM fans running on side vent (out) and front vent (in) (these fans are bloody loud! fortunately i will have my headset on most of the time)
320GB WD OEM SATA harddrive
Samsung DVDRW
Acer 19" widescreen monitor

happy huntings for the rest of you and hope what you grab is as good as mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I likes my PC, too :>

heh… kinda hard to find a decent 120 mm fan that isn’t loud as hell, isn’t it?
I got pretty lucky with mine.