New computer!

well, i fired it up and so far the only problem is that the original HL engine displayed black sprites instead of the regular color because of an old shading style that vista didn’t support (or something to that effect) until i changed a console command and now it works fine.

… if anyone else is having trouble with this i think the command is cl_gammaramp 0

btw: the graphics are AMAZING! i was testing some things out and HL2 ran on 16x AA (software doesn’t have this option but i changed it in my video setup menu) at around 120 FPS in the menu (with 3d backdrop). i have yet to test it in actual gameplay but i think it’s gunna rock!

And HL2 is awesome anyway :smiley:

HL1 ran fine for me?

@Tim, exactly.

bad news guys…

recently my gfx card started hiccupping. what i mean by that is, started displaying a black screen for a bit of time, then revert back saying “display drivers have stopped responding and have recovered.” shortly after that, as soon as the computer booted up random colored boxes would appear all over my login screen! I had to RMA it (I didn’t mention the overclocking…) and shipped it out a few days ago. Thank god i have a 2 year warranty.

also, that card overclocks HORRIBLY. i can’t even get it to +8%, and a friend of mine told me nV can go up to +12% stable. I didn’t even have it overclocked for very long before reverting it back to normal, so at any rate I still believe the card was at fault (maybe a defect? xD)

well, the moral of the story is don’t overclock a card from a company you’ve never heard before xD

And that, children, is why PY lowers the resolution of his games, rather than overclocking his card :stuck_out_tongue:

its not like it’s gunna be unusable for a year… probably only 2 weeks.