New Rig (Massive Overkill Micro, or MOM for short)

New computer. :smiley:

Current hardware is temproary, but is as follows:
Intel Core i7 @3.3ghz
6GB DDR3 1600
2x Nvidia GTX 260s
OCZ Vertex SSD
Some cheap 850 watt PSU.

I am upgrading to the following:
Core i7 @ 4ghz (changing because I’ll have better cooling)
6GB DDR3 1600
2x ATI Radeon 5970s in Quadfire (4 GPUs)
2x OCZ Vertex SSDs in RAID 0
Silverstone Strider Plus 1000 watt PSU.
MagiCool 4x 120mm Radiator
And Koolance blocks on everything.

All in a case 14"x10"x8".

Mandatory pics:

Itty bitty little space.

That, right there, is going to cost you more than my entire fucking computer costs. You crazy.

(Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space.)

that looks very, very crowded.

It is. And it’s going to be even more crowded eventually.

Question. Why wouldn’t you get a full tower if you’re already spending that much money? Cooling would be waaay easier to manage. And space. That would also be easier to manage.

Because I didn’t like my full tower.

This is being build specifically for LAN, and it’s also a contest between me and a fellow geek. So far I’m destroying him.

why are you going with a radeon 5000 series when the new GTX 480 or whatever nvidia is calling it is right around the corner?

what is it, a genie?

its nvidias next graphics card, which apparently runs a lot of things really well in 3D on one card

Because it already launched and the 5970 dominates it?

Random bench A:30fps
Random bench B:40fps
Random bench C:20fps
Temps (stock):~50c
TDP:188 watts

GTX 480:
Random bench A:30fps
Random bench B:35fps
Random bench C:25fps
Temps (stock):~95c
TDP:308 watts

Random bench A:55fps
Random bench B:75fps
Random bench C:30fps
Temps (stock):~70c


Forgot to resize it, so link for you. xD

Well… thanks to newegg shipping so fast I couldn’t cancel my order (~5 mins for me to realize my mistake, 25 for them to respond, at which point they said it was too late), I’m about to get 2x GTX 470s.

Luckily they’re EVGA, so I’ll submit them for step-up immediately.

ouch… that sucks. But seriously. Thats some crazy hardware ya got.

Hehehe… I’m just getting warmed up. 12 thread processor anyone? i7 980- $1100. Maybe later, I’m reeling from the $800 I just spent on 470s, and the $200 I’ll have to spend to get them to 480s.

It’s…a cube. I wasn’t expecting that.

Btw, I’m jealous. Very. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually a rectangular prism, but you can’t tell from that pic.

by definition, even a normal tower is a rectangular prism.

why 480s when 580s are obviously better on account of being newer?

Because they don’t exist. Besides, the odd numbers are mobile GPUs which suck. :stuck_out_tongue: