New Sprite Topic

The other one was very old and outdated, so I felt it was time for a new one. A fresh start, without all my old crap.

Um…added ducking, (thanks Zurg for the pose idea) separate leg pose for down-diagonal aim. I organized a little, changed small things, and I threw in more concept at the bottom. For Screw Attack. I want to make it look like the one from Echoes/Corruption. And that’s what I came up with. Help me with that and the ducking. Ideas please, my lovely brethren.

Something boy.

Stop being a smart ass, seriously, assist.

Something boy. (This can be our new mime :smiley:)

a smart assist is someone who smart asses.

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Do it!

But seriously, you want a critique from me after I’ve already told you what I think over AIM? :confused:


Upwards aim’s gun arm looks too short, idle stance still a little awkward and the crouching pose doesn’t look right (rethinking of the leg acting as support needed). The shading on the morph ball doesn’t convey volume very well, try and think more about how light will spread on it considering the grooves.
I’m sure I’ll see more progress on this.

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Needs more cowbell!

…Although the detail is not bad, the shading is off and Samus is not hunched over like she has scoliosis… Even in Fusion she was more upright than that. Her helmet is on the same pixel line of her breasts. Move her head back and up a bit!

her head is still hunched over…