New Suit

I made this new suit, yo:


And what suit is that? :confused:

the random colourful suit

Does it matter what the name is? I just made it up out of bordom…and it doesn’t flash or anything…those are just different variations of the suit…not meant for a game or anything like that…not meant to look like any previous suit that Samus has once worn, but just and Idea of a suit that came into my head, so I sprited it in MSPaint…all I ask is what do you think?!

I hope you are not expecting a good grade on them considering they are just SM Varia suit recolors :sweat:

i think those are good.

i did a recolor of a suit (the Dawn Suit) but i cant show it cause its a recolor of the p2d samus, so it would be illegal. i just made it for my own personal pleasure.

I did not recolor anything, thankyou…I just simply looked at the Metroid Prime Dark Samus suit from the Spriters resorce…did it completely from scratch…honestly…

really? cause thats awesome… great job! :smiley:

Yuppers, thanks a bunch…I’ve improved huh? Well, I’ll be sure to have more sprites to come…don’t have much time anymore…stupid school…

school… ARGH!
/shakes fist