New Tattoo

I know I am not really active here much … but …

Copy // Pasted from MHQ …

So, I decided to get another tattoo recently.

I had been drawing up a couple things at work …

And I came up with this.

Obviously its the beam icons from Metroid Prime.

Painful process …


I am still deciding whether to get the icons filled in solid black like the drawing or not. I wanted to just do the outlines first, then after it heals, if I want it filled I will get it filled.

Now, I got it on my right arm, which is the arm Samus has her arm cannon on. It is also the side that the icons are on in her visor hud. And the hands are facing the correct way, but they are opposite my hand on that arm because I got them on the inside of my arm, and not on the top (outside).

This is my second Metroid related tattoo, and my fourth tattoo over all.

This is what I am working on / drawing next … for my back.

Bwahaha, that is awesome. What’s your first Metroid tattoo of?

i like how the metroid is concealed

Very cool. Looks good. Color would be cool, but hey, thats up to you. It’s your pain tolerance.

lol metroid tattoos :stuck_out_tongue:

Red dragon tattoo, is just about on me. I got it for you! So now do you want me?