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Think Yoshi’s Island…


which actually worked really well

but in an adorable fashion


so, curse you, for i’ve been inspired by this


Hi guys.

There is one thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, but I haven’t had the time to plat around with it before now.

Would it be possible to use the Alttp-graphics and just raise walls and stuff from a plane to automatically make walls and other stuff?

It is.

The sad part is that it took me about five minutes. :confused:
I know that the lower corners looks funky. But as I just wrote: it took me five minutes.


Some game related stuff I made this year.

Level design project…aScreenshot.png…Screenshot2.png…Screenshot3.png…Screenshot4.png…ages/rock_1.png…ges/rock_wf.png…tone_cube_1.png…tone_cube_2.png…tone_cube_3.png…one_cube_wf.png…tue_front_1.png…_statue_wf2.png…_wall_front.png…ock_wall_wf.png…gn_document.jpg…ps/…24_15_24_10.MP4



Game project…0000_Player.jpg…%20shooting.jpg…20destroyed.jpg…r%20targets.jpg…20buildings.jpg…_0005_Signs.jpg…verview%201.jpg


This is what I’m doing right now: photogrammetry.
I’m taking photos of objects, converting them to 3D meshes, creating low poly meshes from them and putting them in a game engine.

It’s pretty cool.

You can check it out here for now. I will probably put some of the objects in my portfolio that you can find here.

If I only could find the time and energy to create a real portfolio. :frowning:
Anyway, I highly doubt that anyone here will take a look at it since the awesomeness it too damn high!

Also, I’ve filled the projects I can have for free at Carbonmade so I can’t show you everything I’ve done.


Are you hand-crafting the meshes or is it done via 3-d scanning? Either way, it’s cool!



I’m 3D-scanning.
These are the steps I use:

  1. Take photos (I use my Nokia Lumia 920 cell phone)
  2. Run the images through Agisoft Photoscan.
  3. Take the high resolution 3D model and run it through the ZRemesh-function in Zbrush to create a low poly model in no time at all.
  4. Remove unwanted geometry in Maya.
  5. Run the low poly model through UVLayout.
  6. Bake the texture information from the high poly to the low poly in xNormal.
  7. Combine the Ambient Occlusion and the Diffuse maps in Photoshop.
  8. Create a new Normal map from the Diffuse map in Crazy bump and combine them in the same software.

The goal was to save as much time as I could and at the same time keep the cost as low as possible to make it a usable 3D-scanning pipeline for any small game studio.


Yeah that is very cool! I was just flying around the gnome’s face and beard in first-person mode and it’s quite detailed. How many pictures and angles do you usually have to take to get that level of precision?


Short video that shows the photos and some of the models

50-70 images. I found out that I could take closeups after the usual images (that shows the whole object) to get more details. The material of the object plays in too. Rugged, non-glossy materials works best.


Download my little demo level here.
Forgot to post the link here when I was done. :confused:

To change the player size use the console and type “changesize 1.x”.
Remove the hud with “togglehud”.

I’m not sure if the HUD is still in the demo.


Been trying to download the demo level periodically in the last week and the host server seems to be down. :frowning:


Just tried it and it worked for me.
Here is a new download link: download!!!


It says the UDK package is corrupt.


Just installed it and ran it on my laptop.
Then I uploaded it again, download it here.


Is there something I’m missing?


Final upload. Download it from my Google Drive.

I have no idea why it won’t work for you guys. :frowning:


I got it to work just fine now! It is gorgeous. I knew your model scans were pretty detailed, but this really shows how well they work in virtual worlds.


Wow! What happened in those screenshots?


Scanning is definitely the future when it comes to 3-d assets.