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Oh! Sorry – you can double-jump out the windows and navigate around the outside a bit (or die by going too low). I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that… but the view from outside was pretty cool. :slight_smile:



When I launched it, I had noclip by default. I basically just flew all over the map.


Not sure if anyone logs i here anymore but I felt that I should show you some progress I’ve made for a project that I plan to put in my portfolio. It will be a playable scene made in UDK.

Sorry for the HTTP links but they are pretty big and will probably fuck up the layout of P2D for you.

Car (rendered with the wrong normal map applied to it. The rims look a bit fucked up.)



Lookin’ good. You’re building up quite an impressive portfolio these days. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. :smiley:

This is the upper body of the character one will be playing as.
I will post the textured low poly version when it’s done. This is just the high poly sculpt.


Remember that picture in the second post of this thread?
I finished it during the summer.

Will use it as my logo until I create something better.

You can also download it as a wallpaper and show some support for your favorite Swedish 2D/3D artist if you want.…nal%201080p.png


Just realized I “know” 2 Swedish artists. Cool.


Hah! That IS cool.
Who is the other one?




Sweet! :smiley:


Some updates:

I’ve finished the high poly since this screenshot. Just too lazy to make a new one.

Some arcade machines.

They machines have emissive maps. (Old version, before all the graphics on the cabinet was made.)

Some posters.


3D pixel art wallpaper

Feel free to look at the actual model at:


I assume that’s a spaceship, but it also looks like a city.

It’s cool looking though. M


Yeah, It’s supposed to be a space ship. It was my first try at creating pixel art in 3D and I just wanted to create a ship with sime different colors and cannons. I managed to finish it in a couple of hours.

When it was done I decided to create some more ships and try to put them in a video clip or something. I’m working on ship number three right now.


Ah I wondered what 3D pixel art meant at first. Voxels :smiley:
Looking forward to the full set of ships


Thanks. :slight_smile:



By the way I forgot to mention it – the red man a few posts back is incredibly detailed. How did you make that – is it from the 3D scanning process, then brushed up a ton, or designed entirely in the virtual world, or…?


The man was sculpted in Zbrush. I still need to finish the low poly version and texture it.


Here is a little update. Using Unreal Engine 4 to create a demonstration level for my models.
These are just screenshots taken in the editor. I also included a link to the newest test version.

Anyone here using Unreal Engine BTW?