New weapons?

Do you think it would possible to put new weps in to the game like screw attack that was released for prime 2 so we could use it in this one. That way it would add more for players to do.

Were trying to create a exact replica, but it might be in there because of space constraints. Hey there are people more qualified than me to answer though.

Short answer: No

Long answer: Maybe as an easter egg, but probably not.

Incidentally, the screw attack is by no means “new,” seeing that it originated in Metroid 1.

But no, we’re pretty much not including any extra features that weren’t in Metroid Prime 1.

I still want to create a near-exact replica but add Kraid and the Screw Attack as a bonus feature, but I seem to be in the minority there.

^^ I like this idea.

QFT. Besides, it would make designing the game a lot easier.


It’s an extra, not a required thing. So no, it wouldn’t make it easier.

QFT. it’d be more work, but there would be much win

Seconded. Love that.