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The item to make special attacks in smash bros brawl is named “smash orb”

Samus and zero suit samus are the same character, the trick to morph for one to another is similar to zelda/sheik on smash bros melee

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: will use the same beam sistem of SM instead of the beam swithing showed on the last two metroid primes.

Excellent! But they sound plausible to me…

sigh rumors are rumors. You never know until the game is released. Until then have a nice day!

aww… u cant switch beams!?! grr

Um Knuckle in the offical metroid prime 3 corruption topic alot of us went over about the beam system link to super metroid.

i found this one on smash boards : wind waker link will take the place of young link, but the gameplay will be preserved exactly how it is

and about the first ones, the beam swith, i am 100% sure about it, and the smash orb too, i only doubt about the zero samus … but that may be possible

I agree, I don’t think that Nintendo would’ve made a “New Character: Zero Suit Samus” thing if she wasn’t another character… But then again, they did have to advertise somehow, so it’s possible.

hope they have like power phazon missle/ beams in mp3 corruption.


*The greatest enhance of this game compared to the last two is the interaction with the starship, now samus can use it (not to free flight yet)
but to change worlds,to be used as a plataform to reach higher places or even as a graple point, all this will be comanded by the new visor module “Starship”

  • The hiper mode is something familiar to metroid players,but now the player will be able to use it during the game and not only on the ending as the other times, ofcourse , shoot with hiper-phazonbeams will have its disadvantages… as energy consuming and a short period of reconstruction of arm-cannon internal circuits where the player will not be able to shoot.