Out of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, it wasn’t a question of who won, but who failed the least.

Nintendo’s in particular was a huge disappointment. I mean Animal Crossing 2, with Voice chat (It will be good if it isn’t impaired with shitty FC implementation. Which it will be), Wii Sports 2, Wii Music. Yawn, anyone excited yet?

Motionplus is a good idea, but what with it being a peripheral, few games will be able to use it, making it ultimately useless.
GTA on DS. I’m sorry, you’re shoehorning a game based around huge sandbox arenas into a handheld? Something tells me this is not going to be fun.
Best news, though: COD on Wii! YEAH! Generic-Ass Shooters are my favourite genre, what what!

Worst, no metroid :frowning: Shit, nothing that isn’t pointed directly towards your mum. No pikmin, no original IPs, no mario, zelda, metroid. Ugh.
Was more enjoyable than sony’s, which I don’t even remember anymore. Mostly because of Reggie, who manages to talk about casual games and make it awesome, because he’s, you know, REGGIE!!
I want his babies

MS ‘won’ though, not by ripping off Miis, with Xiis, and getting the wrong idea (Paying for clothes what?), but by stealing the PS3s biggest unreleased exclusive, FFXIII.
Now I hasm no reason to buy a PS3 ever, not that I would, because the latest FFs pale in comparison to 6. MGS4 will, no doubt, follow suite.

So… yeah. I’ve lost faith in the console industry, basicly. Thank god I turned into a PC gamer before all this happened.

yeah…I have to say they all phaled miserably.

You’re a tard. Sony won by FAR. Their presentation was amazing, and MAG? Fucking MAG!
I’m sorry, but 256 players in a massive shootout = heaven. I’ve been waiting for a game that has battles and strategic decisions of that scale my whole life. It won’t, of course, happen at all the way it’s intended to, but the thought makes me happy. In Sony’s 20 minute long section where they showed a few per 1.5 seconds, there were quite a few games I would have liked as well. The PS3 sucking is only going to hold up as an excuse for so long, cause they really are doing a great job.


computers are the way to go. with more power than ANY console and multitasking capabilities, PCs own consoles. Because there’s so many possibilities in computers, the price is worth it, and a great price to performance ratio over any console.

No F-Zero SHIT

Wii Sports 2 looks good.

But no hardcore original Nintendo games.


Tim. Lag.

Also, there aren’t 256 PS3 owners to play it.

PY, that very well may be true, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit.

It seems consoles have a very limited life from this point on, thanks to the Wii.
Wii is about as close to Virtual Reality as you can get, without actually being VR. I pretty much think that VR is the last step you can take in the video game industry, and Nintendo seems to be aiming for it always.

heavy sigh, the problem is that there are barely ANY good PC exclusives that aren’t RTS’s at this point and that’s not likely to change anytime soon, not to mention that a 360 costs $400 (in Canada, I don’t want to hear it from any of you “oh its cheaper here” cunts) I’m trying to make a point here.
Whereas on the other end of MS we have the BS ridden PC planes where in order to see anything good grace your monitor you need to drop at least $600 (again I don’t want to hear it) besides, as much as it pains me to say this there is this neat new technology called “ray tracing” that lets the console/PC/your ass do something to make pretty light, the PS3 does this in real time but Intell’s latest quad core processor takes 3 minutes to render one ray-traced frame. If I ever have to complement a Sony console again I will tear out 5 vertebrae and eat my ass

That’s PC gaming’s single disadvantage, it’s an awful lot more expensive.
I can’t beleive the PS3 could possibly do realtime ray-tracing, are you sure you’re talking about proper raytracing?

I’m positive, the thing has like a 6 core processor

Oh, apparently it can indeed. Neat, ray tracing is fucking awesome.

Virtual Reality?
Fuck that shit.
Mind/machine interface ftw. Virtual reality is lame, it’s creating virtual worlds that aren’t based on reality that’ll be the end-all of awesome. VR only lets you do what a human can do.

When playing Crysis, I just thought how fucking awesome what tim was saying would be.

I mean, come on, running up to a camp, strength-jumping onto the roof of a building, and cloaking, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike?

Yes. Please.

um aren’t you forgetting that GPUs do rendering not CPUs?

then you die… and, with me, that’d happen a lot T.T

Oh, I don’t die very often. Mainly when I’m in vehicles :frowning:

this is information that I got from my friend and He’s pretty sure that the processor is what does ray-tracing, besides the PS3’s GPU is better than the cards that you can get for $500 (cdn) as is the 360’s (actually its better than the PS3’s)

and @ PY: that’s because Crytek can’t make any good vehicles, the ZP guy told it right with the helicopter (which was bullshit)

I’m 95% sure that ray-tracing is done by the processor.

Wait…no Nintendo basic games like Mario, Metroid, and Zelda? Whut?

Now I’m confused. Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was for the Wii (It’s better than Echoes…but doesn’t pwn the first Metroid Prime by a longshot), and there’s also Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess…I think I just might have had too much coffee this morning or something here.

I heard the Nintendo Conference wnt something like this:

But seriously though. Microsoft would have won if Microsoft would have let Bungie release their stuff.