Nintendo Wifi Connection

I went to there site and found noting one there, and my dad doesn’t understand I told him that my DS is picking up a wireless router but it has the red lock. Do you have to live very close or near a wifi hotspot of Nintendo’s.

Red lock probably means your network is locked…

I think red lock means your router is either locked, or incompatible.
Feed it your wep key, and see if it connects.

And since you’re going to ask what a WEP key is, steps:

Get on a computer. Press ctrl+shift+esc. File >> Run. Type cmd. Type ipconfig. Take the default gateway address, and stick it in your browser address bar. Then, tinker with stuff until you find the WEP key, it should be a really long code somewhere on there.

Or you could look on the back of your router, that’s where mine is.