No, but seriously, I love Obama!

He’s such a wonderful dude! :smiley:

I really can’t comment but as far as i can tell clintons a tompson lovin n00b and the others are as dumb as bush so obama FTW

PS: i believe him saying he’s a christian

He seems to be the least retarded president candidate. So… Go Obama! Drugs for everyone!

he doesn’t have much experience. he’s far left. but it looks like he’s gunna be the next president anyway so i guess i’ll just have to live with it.

He’s my first choice by far, but I could almost live with Hillary, if it meant keeping Macaine (I don’t honestly know if I spelled that right) out… He seems to similar to Bush to me… but hey, I haven’t looked into him that much, so I could be wrong.

Oh, totally. What a shame it’s a difference from the right-wing streak. Because just look at the great job the Republicans have been doing lately!

Wait, you were being serious? Well, fuck, now my sarcasm is lonely. :frowning:

Well, to be fair, the sucky eight-year republican streak has only been one president.

However, I am in no way going to defend the people who voted for him the second time around.

Not to mention the cabinet and such, and didn’t we have a largely Republican congress during that time as well? It ain’t just Bush.

This is true, and I’m really not defending them >_<
Aaagh, just thinking about it makes me wonder how long it will take and how many presidents we will go through before we can dig ourselves out of this frickin’ hole we’re in… With any luck, they won’t try to fix it by digging straight down for another eight years.
To be totally honest, when things have been going downhill for the duration of the second half of your life, you kinda don’t have much faith in the government at all. I didn’t understand the government between when I was born and eight years old, and all I’ve seen between 8 and 16 is the government screwing things up and putting their nose where it doesn’t belong…

I don’t get when Bush is going to be tried for war crimes. He started war without Congress’s approval. Isn’t that illegal?
His war cost a million lives, give or take a few. I think there ought to be some sort of consideration of kicking his ass. He should have been impeached 5 years ago, but I’d be fine with a post-presidential jailing or hanging or something. Not that we do hanging anymore, but eh…

I’m more concerned about the implications of the Patriot Act than the unconstitutional war–at least the war could potentially have had good effects, whereas all the act did was strip away promised rights.

I don’t know that it’s been abused, per se, or even that it was ever meant to be like that… but the fact that the President has the power to increase his power like that scares me. The next Bush might be smart enough to use that.

Ugh, yes, yes it IS, very much so illegal.
I say we amend something so hangings are legal again, just for one day, and just when presidents do shitty jobs and kill mass amounts of people for pure stupidity and personal gain. And then we amend it the day after he hangs.

Jailing would be nice, though.
Maybe they could beat him and take pictures of him naked or something. Just because he should get the same prisoner experience as war prisoners have.

Edit: Yeah, that’s pretty much unconstitutional as well. But they start throwing around the words “preventing terrorism” and far too many people accept it as OK…

Yeah, it has been abused. They cracked down on an animal rights group, calling them terrorists, because one of the head members made a call to outside the US and left the US in the same couple of months… or… year… or something. They are only supposed to use it when they have evidence that they have contacted possible terrorists or weapon suppliers or something…

Don’t cite any of this, my information is a couple years old, but meh. I just don’t remember the precise details.

Eh…Obama isn’t bad, but I have problems believing him or Hilary when they squabble like children.

On to the topic at hand. I hope that we can dig ourselves out of this hole that we are in. National debt is getting up there, oil prices continue to rise, etc. I don’t necessarily blame Bush for this, I more or less blame the Bush Administration as a whole. It wasn’t just him, of course, several people were backing him, and I don’t know if this still holds true, but I believe some still do.

Anyway, I’m not going to even try to get into this further, simply because I’d rather not get into a political debate, considering that I’d rather converse about a more agreeable subject.

…man, Obama REALLY IS awesome.

I suddenly respect him even more than before.
Even though a lot of Obama supporters apparently don’t like the idea <_<

On Bush: Waterboard the motherfucker.

On Obama: He really is a very sweet guy. Coming from anyone else, that would seem like a publicity stunt, but from him, it looks like he’s trying earnestly to be nice.

Yeah, considering they’re trying to talk about it as little as possible.
If it was a publicity stunt, it would be all over.

He is a sweet sounding smooth-talker. I guess we’re all susceptible to that from time to time, some more than others. I personally can’t look at the guy without getting nauseated. Exactly what does he stand behind? It’s vague at best. Making the US the raping post of the World is one of them. An Elitist Communist Christianlike-kinda-Musilm-too ? SWEET!

Gotta love his posy too. If I had a nickel for evertime I wanted to get away with bombing something I don’t like then becoming a College Prohatemonger, well you get the point. They should pass bill giving the Federal Government licensing and royalty rights to ‘gangster rapE’ (rape of music sense that is) since it was their idea after all :confused:

But since all of you are in the same boat with him, why should you guys care? He seems like a perfectly good navigator, albeit he is a ‘little’ green.
“Does the water line on the horizon seem to be coming closer?” “Relax, It’s Change :smiley:

Excuse me if I mourn the destruction of the Republic, the good and bad.
The only question is which is next? USSA? Iranica?

“Oh lets kill this guy cause he has different views and accusal values, f*ck you edthedestroyer”

Um… no, I respect people who can express their political view without sounding ignorant/asslike.

Sweet sounding smooth talker, huh? Give me an example of that. And then give me an example of a politician that didn’t do that during an election, or one that did it less then him.
I don’t get how he could be any worse than starting a war (illegally and unconstitutionally, might I add) for your own fucking oil company… not that it worked out the way he planned it, exactly… hah, weapons of mass destruction. Tell me… were you one of the people that actually believed they were there?
He’s not such a “smooth talker,” but damn, he can get people to believe a lot of crap. Now the story is all switched around, and far too many people now believe that we originally went in to liberate Iraq. Not that that’s working much better, anyway…
Then we have the patriot act… (again, illegal, unconstitutional, and almost as scary as the war.)

What is Obama behind? For one, not the war. That’s a very, very big plus, thanks… and for two, he’s against a bill that would eliminate the gas tax. That seems like an incredibly stupid idea to me… what would that do, allow the oil companies to ramp up profit again with even more lenience? I bet the oil companies love Hillary and Mccain…

Y’know what… I’ll skip on arguing with yo on this one, simply because I don’t want to sound like a flamer.

[sarcasm]Glad you know what’s going on, Ed…[/sarcasm]

Edit: Ed, I love political debate, and if you can do it without sounding so ridiculous, I’d love to some time. But currently, it seems like I could have a better debate with one of the Bush supporters whose only argument is that the news outlets are lying… until they say something in support of Bush, of course…

Holy shit, I didn’t understand a SINGLE sentence in Ed’s post.

I think he doesn’t like Obama though, and he used the word Muslim, so he probably didn’t have anything important to say.

Ed, can you rephrase in English without attempting analogies too complicated for yourself to handle?

EDIT: Wait I think I figured it out, but it just sounds like you hate him because he’s black. Posse? Gangster rape?

I think he’s saying he hates Obama for being a horoscope–i.e. campaign promises just vague enough that everyone can associate with it, without actually meaning anything.

Which is almost a legit point, but then he starts rambling about rap music and such and I got totally lost too.