no longer needed topic


hey there


nvm, all is well

You could just, like, not use it…

Or better yet, use it…

Why would anybody want their account for anything deleted.

Having access to more things is bad <.<

obviously someone got hold of his username/pass and posted that.

His little brother? lol
His immature older brother? XD

His ultramature 5 month old sister.

i blame dazuro xD

also metroid x, stay on the forums and post! we need more members!

or maybe i just want to make a different name xD

Then maybe (That’s for you Timmeh) you could have a mod change your name?


And yeah, Daz and Troid love changing names. I was Timaster, now I’m Timmeh, Pomegranate used to be Hairy Pomegranate…

deprogrammer used to be mason mccoy

I used to be Phazon Yoshi

why did you change your name? now nobody knows what py stands for xD

i even forgot…

I think “Phazon Yoshi” sounds a bit crap, plus I’m no longer a Nintendo Fanboy.