Noobish topics and posts

I was looking through some of my old topics an holy crap was I surprised! I’ll post links to them and you’ll see what I mean.

my first topic.god was I stupid back then!

my first sprites. how nasty are they?!

so anyway I was thinking everybody should share their noobish topics( if they have any) and we can all have some laughs!

Oh boy…let’s see what we can find in my bucket o’ badness…

Ah, here we go: Here’s a couple good ones:

Ah, those were stupid days…Back when I was the biggest asshole in my town lol. Thank god that now I’m just apathetic lol.

And remember, you’re own stupidity is only insulting if you can’t laugh at it. And looking at the poor word choice in that sentence, I can already tell that it’ll be funny.

Metroid684. 'nuff said.
(Does anyone still have the old chatlogs?)

I agree, you were all noobs and still porbly are.

says the zoomer who bumped a 3 year old topic

Thank god I had dialup when I went through my noob period, and thank god the main forum I want on was SCU.

People always seem to underestimate the power of noobs, both how much damage they cause when in herds as well as how much they can improve individually if simply guided in the right direction.

As for me, I never made any noobish topics, but that’s not to say my forum and writing experience was always better than that. It’s just not my personality to bring attention to myself without good reason. Plus, I had so much respect for the many bright and talented people that made up SCU (this was years ago, keep in mind) that I really just didn’t want to intrude in any way.

But I also found that I loved making MIDIs and decided to help out P2D in that area. I admit that when it came time to post anything in my first months there, I had my older brother help me write my post. I’ve never had a problem with grammar, spelling, conventions, etc., but I just couldn’t, as hard as I tried, write a sentence that didn’t sound corny, or angry, or just weird. If I attempted a paragraph, it had unnecessary information and was awkwardly paced. I also had trouble working with people.

My entire time at SCU could be described as a slow transition from the kind of terrible communicator I was above to a decent forum poster, at least when I would actually make a post. I would like to say it made me a better writer academically as well, but I think all it did was improve my sentence fluency and vocab. If I’m given a prompt that I don’t know much about or have never cared about, my essay is guaranteed to suck, and even if it’s a good prompt, I’m guaranteed not to finish the essay in time. Speed and making stuff up aren’t skills I practice much on forums.

In short, I joined the Internet when I was 12 and had to work hard to make nobody notice. That included not posting much. I suppose I didn’t need to write three paragraphs above this.

Yay Troid!

i epickfail the most.