NVidia vs. ATI

If you’re fans of valve and the games they make, you’re in for some luck if you have an NVidia video card.

Valve just released for free as a pack:
-Portal Demo (about half the entire game!)
-Half-life 2 Deathmatch (FULL version)
-Half-life 2 Lost Coast
-Peggle Extreme (wtf is this i dunno)

i mainly snatched at the Deathmatch because the orange box doesn’t come with HL2:DM, and i need it to play one of my 3rd party mods.

If anyone is interested in any of these games check out http://www.steampowered.com/nvidia/

And, as long as we’re here why not expand this topic into an ATI vs NVidia war?

Just keep the flames out. I’d like to know what you guys think about both companies.

NVidia seems to have the longer track record, but ATI is up there just as well with basically the same benchmarks.

There is a similar one without first slice for ATI users.


i’m surprised they didn’t give the ATI users more stuff because their software is meant for ATI more than NVidia. I also think they have an alliance with ATI.

Well, as long as we’re here why not expand this topic into an ATI vs NVidia war?

Just keep the flames out. I’d like to know what you guys think about both companies.

NVidia seems to have the longer track record, but ATI is up there just as well with basically the same benchmarks.

I honestly haven’t researched the differences or advantages, since they both are meant for the same thing, and can usually do the same crap. I just know I want NVidia and I’m stuck with ATI.
I DO know that most things (aside from the wii) come with NVidia graphics cards.

Is it possible to connect an NVidia and an ATI card together? <_< I know both have SLI capabilities on some cards.

SLI is an nvidia technology (which isn’t really effecient ATM) and Crossfire is the ATI equivalent i believe.

I have an NVidia GeForce 6200.

I also have an ATI Radeon 9600.

I bought the Radeon in November 2004.

I bought the GeForce two weeks ago.

I found no improvement in performance in the GeForce (which I bought because it was “recommended” for City of Villains) over the Radeon.

holy shit awesome :smiley:

for a second i was like: “;_; integrated graphics” then i remembered this isn’t the laptop and that i have an nvidia card in it :3

the 6000 series was, according to wikipedia “Launched on April 14, 2004, the GeForce 6 family introduced several important new features to the GeForce product-line.”

Therefore, just because you bought it more recently doesn’t mean it’s going to be more high tech. I have to also point out that the -200 in the 6200 designates it to be a low quality or “budget” chip, if you will.

I can’t speak for the Radeon, but you bought it at about the same time the 6xxx were released, so I’m assuming they’re close, performancewise.

y’know what? I just checked out the newegg website and the geforce 6200s cost about 2x more than the radeon 9600s. I can’t explain why you wouldn’t have a performance increase… what are the specs on the 2 cards?

They don’t tell you much on the specs anymore, and I lost the original package for the Radeon, but I have this info:

$75 when I bought it, unavailable from the same place now, but the 9550 is $60
325 MHz core clock
128 MB
Looks like it was released early 2003.

And here’s my GeForce:

$60 when I bought it, $60 now
350 MHz core clock
256 MB
Your guess is as good as mine for the release date. WikiPedia doesn’t even know my card exists (it’s like the PCI one released by PNY, but it’s AGP 4x/8x).

I’ve got a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT. It’s probably the lowest Nvidia you can get if you’re on a budget. For what I can see, it can run every game out there. Handles Valve games on all high without lag at all, handles Crysis on Medium (but still freaking lags in single player), and I believe I ran the Bioshock Demo with everything on max, highest resolution, and it didn’t skip at all.

Hm…Intriguing. How much does that cost (considering I’m too lazy to google it :slight_smile: )?

I’m on a low base budget, and thus could only afford an ATI Radeon X300. It’s sad to even try to compare it with some of your cards, but I can tell you that even attempting to run anything on High would result in some sort of crash.

How low budget are you talking?
I mean… I’ve got a $90-$120 ATI Radeon X1550 (I think the word Visiontek is thrown in there somewhere), and it can run quite a few things on highest settings, even with my crappy 512 RAM.

Well, if I manage, I can get high up there in terms of budget, but most of the time I’m looking at about $50-$60. Sometimes, if income is good, I can probably push it up into the $100-$125 range.

ha my 6200 is better than yours and i got it back in 05

also Nvidia kicks ATi’s ass to kingdom com and back again, and then back to kingdom com again that being mainly because the cards always have more Gram and typically are faster

that’s the same card i have dragon. it works great for me =D

^ Yeah. As far as I know, everything on it runs great besides Crysis, and that game kind of sucks anyways. >_>

Unfounded comments like that belong in fire pits, not intelligent discussions. I’d recommend removing that.

ok wise guy i have edited it and i shal post the reason here aswell


No, not really.
nV lead at the moment, but that could easily change, it has in the past.

So…what’s better. I’m now officially in the market for a new Graphics card, so any and all input is appreciated (within reason, of course. Stupid comments, obviously, won’t be useful). I was thinking about a Nvidia, but I’m not sure. My ATI treated me pretty graciously (except for my custom CPU always loosening cords to it…), so I may just want to stick with that brand. But Nvidia does appear to have more support when it comes to gaming, so I dunno.

This is for gaming, btw. No other reason (except maybe to prevent those cords from loosening from the card, but those probably just need to be replaced).