keep a look out, them Metroids is always evolving

lol humanoid metroid?

with a blaster
friend of mine asked for something new to work with

so yeah, you can probably expect a game to end up being made
becuase he wants to make one and i got bored and made that xD

oh yeah, we’re so cool, lmao

I love your avatar to bits, FYI.

apparently im playing spriter for now xD
ive done like 30 sprites of this thing
different aiming directions, ducking, morphball, oh yeah, im awesome xDDD

@ Timmeh

thanks ^^

Stop with all the self-praise or else I’ll go hard on you when critiquing. kthxbai

internet sarcasm doesnt work, so i just put a form of laughing after it instead

Is this a fan-game?
Right now it looks like it should go in the art section.
Anywho, I like it. It looks…

he wants to start one, so its possible

Just thought I’d ask. :stuck_out_tongue:
Will there be a sheet of it? (The sprite)

still working on it
should be done in the next couple days


or longer due to helping with this fangame

ive been making, modifying, and hunting down sprites for them


colors are from the Omega
basic shape is SM gravity suit

im working on a way for it to hatch
and of course the running/aiming with and without missile
and mid air of aiming with and without missles
aaaaand death, a nice explosion of gore xD

tell me if im forgetting anything

and of course, tell me what you think :smiley:

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Ramen… slurp

Oh, by the way, those look swell to me, CMC :stuck_out_tongue:. Saw them in… That… Otherpostyeah. :smiley:

yeah, no one said anything, so i put them here too xD

Could I possibly borrow the “Metroid” title in that sheet?

CM I told you they were good…I think 0_o
@ Phlake-Oh? Metroid Shadows? :smiley:


of course

i accidentally a whole sheet

tell me what you think
and if i missed any
or if i messed up some colors

Veddy nice :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t feel like examining it closely right now, but it looks swell. I get sick of spriting too quickly to ever make something as extensive as this - or at least, in the haste that you did.

Now then, let’s see some in-engine footage of these sprites in action :smiley:?