…just wait until Daz sees this!

Oh ye gods, please let this be a real game. I’m getting ready to orgasm just thinking about it.





I have no idea what to say besides FUUUUUCK YEEEEES. Sure, we don’t know the specifics, but whatever it is, it’ll be goddamned amazing, I’m sure of it.

(Haha, just watch as they include a character named Murphy…)

Finally…I’ve always had so many questions about the space pirates. Like what the name of their species is (though Corruptions suggests Ultragian) In whatever this is (hopefully a game) they just better not look like lobsters, but the maniacs from either Prime 1 or 3.

Remember, the lobster claws are just attachments to their arms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, the picture specifically shows a Prime 3 pirate, and the Japanese text mentions the Prime series specifically, so…

true dat^^
Now we just need to cross our fingers about it being a game crosses fingers

o_o… Uhm- ! Murphy! XD >_> Sweet though. Wonderrr what it’ll beee…

Oh, and http://www.zigzproductions.com - The site slogan xD. Soo original.

i want a nintendroids (like nintendogs but w/ metroids but not gay)

I actually read that this might just be an article on the site. Lemme see if I can find a link to that story… AHAH!!! Here it is! Well, not really. Thats just a funny news article. Joystiq seems to have eaten their own article, but it said that it was probably just a web page full of info. Doesn’t mean we can’t hope though right?

Edit: I found the article. This is it. For Real. (not a joke)

well at this point its just inference were making here so no one can be sure

You do realize that article is from Joystiq, right? As in they don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh right. I forgot about that. XD

god damnit when will they let go of prime and move on to fusion 2?

Dread anyone?

Oh, the reason it originally got canned is because of financial issues. However, since the series is back in business, it can probably be done again.

When prime sucks. which is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Also, Fusion isn’t supposed to be more than one game. All of the X are dead.

At the above post, we don’t know that for sure. In the game Adam mentioned that the X might exist elsewhere in the universe, and they were going to go kamikaze and blow up[ the BSL because they knew Samus is the only one who could potentially stop them.

since metroid are on many planets
why not the X?

the chozo made the metroid to keep the X under control, right?

To Dragon’s post, and to CMC’s post.

Thats true, because the X are found on planet SR388. I guess they would return and it wouldn’t be just another, HEY LOOK ONE SURVIVED AND IT MULTIPLIED AND WE MADE A GAME OUT OF IT! BUY IT!!!. Something like that. And yes, the Metroids were natural predators of the X, but I don’t think that thats what they were intended for. They were on the same planet though, which brings up many questions, none of which I can give an answer. Well, thats all I have on this subject, but if I had more time I could give you a lot of other stuff. I LOVE Metroid and I DEVOUR any info I can get on it. I know almost everything there is to know about Metroid. LONG LIVE METROID. Also, Metroid Dread has been hinted at. At the start of Prime 3, you get Samus’ Ship ID, and if you enter it in later, its a talk from The guys at Nintendo, talking about Dread. It’s in japanese though… So just google it to find out what you can.