OaaW, and other stuff about stuff.

I just got an old laptop so can now do computer things, and one of the computer things I wanted to start with was a new show on Youtube.

Copying the description from the channel: “This is the channel for Object and a Word, the show where you can learn English in sixteen seconds a day. And there’s an object too.”

I will update it daily with a new object and word. It also took me two days to get the words in, involving trying to change Movie Maker’s code, trying to download new title templates, looking for other free software, downloading some massive Adobe thing only to have it say my computer’s not good enough, etc. But I finally did it. So yeah.

Also, my secret project is back in development. I was frustrated at first that I didn’t keep a backup (the only things I did back up were my Pictures and Music folders), but going through it again is helping me make it better and fix some mistakes I made the first time around. Like Micheal’s raft from Lost, after the first burned. And I still need some help if you can animate well. Please?

And that’s pretty much it. Sorry I lost all my Maniac Puzzle stuff, Cortez. I might try again after I re-download Game Maker.

I just watched your 4 episodes and I fucking love it. It’s great.

Definitely needs a good song though.

I was thinking the Wii Shop Channel music would fit.

I’m torn between something appropriately relaxed or something excessively brutal. Try both, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the humor and like the simplicity, and I think it could benefit from being more useful while maintaining those two main traits.

Easier said than done, of course, because many adjustments, like providing the definition or using the word in a sentence, may interfere with the humor and simplicity. A connection between the word and object would ruin the humor if it’s too obvious.

But what you have is a very good foundation, and perhaps it’s all that’s needed. The lack of information already led me to look up syzygy and read about it in Wikipedia. :smiley:

I do think pronouncing the word out loud when it appears would be fantastic. (In addition to music or white noise)

Thumbs up for an interesting topic.

Exactly. Having any more than those two words would be too much.

And there are some small connections between some of them, such as synecdoche (RoflMao Zedong, synecdoche isn’t in the spellcheck dictionary) and basket, 'cause baskets are often referred to as their contents.

Awesome. I’ll probably put links to the words’ Wikipedia article in the video description, unless there’s a way to put it in an annotation (which I’ve been looking for but haven’t found).

But for that, I would need someone with a really awesome voice, which I don’t have. So if anyone here does, and is interested, you can do that.

P.S.: A new one’ll be up soon.

I have a radio DJ voice. I might be able to make that happen for you.

Now I know what floccinaucinihilipilification is, and frankly, it just seems worthless and unimportant to me.



world’s smallest rimshot