Ocarina of Time 2D

For those who do not know this is my ‘Link to the Past’ style, 2D remake of what is IMHO the greatest Zelda Game of all time, Ocarina of Time.

The game originally was being made with a program called GameMaker, but I have switched over to using 'Microsoft’s Visual C#.net with the DirectX 9.0c (August Update) SDK.

Old Demos - Demo 1, 2, and 3c can be downloaded Here.

I am currently making a program called ZeldaMaker (ZM) as well, it IS being made with GameMaker, and will allow you, the Zelda fan, to make your own 2D style Zelda Games using your own resources such as: Sprites, Music, SoundFX, Maps, Enemies, etc; I am in the process of porting most of the C# coding over to ZM so I can show it’s power and will release the ZM demo very soon.

The ZeldaMaker Demo 0.39: can be downloaded Here

The engine supports my proprietary .zlp files (Zelda Language Pack), which are .ini files with the flag for the country of origin 7zipped together and used ‘on-demand’.

My goal is to recreate, in 2D, all of the game excluding nothing (as much as can be done in 2D). Items/Weapons, Levels, Areas, Bosses, etc.

I will be adding all of the cool tricks/secrets that I can find, like the elusive Hyrule Loach!

I’m trying to keep as much of the spirit of the original as I can in the game for you hardcore fans.

After it is finsihed I will make my Own Master Quest version which will include my own extras, such as the Triforce, Blade Beam Attack, Unicorn Fountain (a.k.a. Goddess Fountain), Sky Temple, Equipping Medallions, and many other rumors and such to spice things up.

EDIT: P.S. I am leaving for the Army on October 17th and will be gone for approximately 9 weeks. I will resume coding, etc on the game(s) after Basic Combat Training.

EDIT 2: Some have asked me if I’m making other Zelda games in 2D… the answer is Yes. I will be trying to remake Majora’s Mask in 2D as well.

finally…your site went down right?

WoW! Very Nice, OoT2d is really a great game. Those screenshots are awesome! I hope you’ll release a demo after your Basic Combat Training program. BTW I heard that the C# Version will be compatible with the Game Boy Advance, is this true?

I just downloaded ZeldaMaker 0.39 and tested it. All the features are great but is it normal that I can’t input my name? When I try to press “END” Nothing happens… Apart from that, there is one little thing that makes me uncomfortable, the keys. In the first menu (the one with choose your folder), to enter the folder you have to press X. But in the name entry menu, if you press X, you return to the previous menu. I know it’s just a little detail but maybe you could change. Also, your french translation is not perfect at all, here is the dialog.ini properly translated :

[Dialog File]
[Title Screen]
[Registration Screen]
text7=Choisissez un fichier.
text8=Copier quel fichier?
text10=Fichier vide.
text11=Copier vers quel fichier?
text12=Etes vous sur?
text13=Fichier Effac?.
text14=File Copi?.
text15=Pas de fichier ? effacer.
text16=Pas de fichier ? copier.
SubFirst1=Taille Fe&n?tre
SubSecond3=&Capture d'Ecran
SubSecond4=Limiter &le saut d'image
SubThird3=&Emplacement Actuel
SubFourth1=&A Propos
caption1=Sauvegard? dans l'emplacement
caption2=Charg? de l'emplacement
caption3=Le fichier n'existe pas

Last thing, here are nicer flags that you may want to use, but make sure you contact Ricky if you use them:

Well keep up the good work, as both of your projects are amazing! If you need a tester or beta-tester, I’m here!

sweeettt… oot was my favorite, besides alttp.

One Screen is in Finnish but why Finnish is not in menu?

Why u are using Link to the Past link and Sprites? Ripping is not Legal i think.

Sry my bad english…

Does it really matter? As long as he doesn’t try to make money off of it, Nintendo could care less about fangames, even if they do have ripped sprites.

'sup TRM, I didn’t know you were here. :slight_smile: 90% done on OOT2D, huh. Do you have a realese date for it?

zfgc is dead :cry: oh well, but i cant wait until this game comes out.

Man that looks so perfect as i have imagined all this time, you have no idea for how long i been looking for you ! you game give my life a real porpuse! thanks!

I take it you like OOT than? :smiley:

It appears that this guy is your soul mate. XD

hey hey hey, why this topic dont have 32 pages yet? man this is ocarina of time 2d,c’mon lets speak people

Yes! Ocarina of Time 2D! I’m sure this will be a awesome game, just like the original!

Yeah, the game is pure pwnage. I just beat it yesterday on pj64. I had a lot more fun playing it than I did with Metroid Prime…

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lol, and your name is Metroid Fanatic, lol!

ROFL! :smiley:

I can see the irony melting down my face…

LOL, ofcourse you had more fun playing OOT than MP. :smiley:

Metroid: Fusion is the best Metroid game! :smiley:
in my opinion^

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Lolz, well, is OOT2D finished? If so, where can it be downloaded?

why is it that the links never work?