idk about you
but i’d call this arty…

im thinking about making them <_<

i have 2 options clay and wood, yes, wood

while clay would be easier to work with and take less time to make a bunch
around here clay is hard to come by, and firing them costs

while wood is easy to come by it would be harder to make even one
and screwing up would NOT be an option, and would need replenishing supplies of glue, sandpaper, and stain

so i come to you with questions…

  1. which material do you think i should use?

  2. do you think i could sell them for MONIES?!
    (clay ocarinas vary in price depending on who you get them from, while ive only found 1 good wood ocarina place, 200-500 for one ocarina <_<)

  3. would YOU be interested in a CMC Ocarina? ;D

Heh, I’ve got a few ocarinas from waaaay back when OoT came out and thus they were “big stuff” at the time. My grandpa–well, he was a bit of a looney, so he decided to combine two things I loved: chameleons and ocarinas. The result? A clay ocarinameleon that you play by blowing on its butt. ._.

But, er, anyway. I’ve never seen a wooden one, and that just seems weird to me. All of mine are clay and that’s the way I like 'em.

But if the wooden ones really sell for that much when properly made, and you think you CAN make them… by all means, try! (Ed. note: the preceding line is best read in the voice of Seymour Omnis from Final Fantasy X)

which form is Omnis? xD


But those are properly tuned. Do you have any idea how hard that is for someone to do that is just starting?

The one that says “By all means, tryyyy!” at the start of the battle, cracking his voice and sounding incredibly gay. >_> I.e. the final form.

@zurg: i have a tuner, and could pull it off with some practice

@daz: aaah, i haven’t seen that one in a while, i just offed Flux a few days ago, then fell off of playing xD

if you didn’t shape the clay correctly and they were out of tune, what would you do to fix them?

kill yourself

you tune it while its still wet

i knew it >.>

How do you properly pronounce ocarina? …cuz I say ock-a-REE-na


I’ve heard it pronounced more like oak-a-rina

I say ock-er-ena.

But its spelled Awkerhena. Noobs.


me and rundas, noobs


listen to it and WEEP

that guy sounds like a fag >_>


Holy crap! I pronounce it correctly:D


so back to the topic on hand

answer my questions ALL OF YOU
i want opinions xD