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If you look at SM’s walljump mechanics, it lets you walljump as Samus is turning around. In other words, you probably want a short timer activated as you turn away from a wall, and if you press jump in the space of that timer, you jump!


this is gunna be interesting xD
im gunna end up making like…


help!! my cpp compiler (visual c++ 2008 express) won’t compile this WIP. it says that cout is undefined or something (but all the programs i’ve seen on the net use cout with no problems)

I’m fairly new with C++ but i don’t think it should be having this problem.


// text-based game.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

#include “stdafx.h”
#include “iostream”

//Declare VAR
int game = 1;
int state = 99;
//99 = menu
// 0 = town
// 1 = sunken depths
// 2 = forgotten coven
// 3 = den of horrors
// 4 = final battle
int area = 0;
int long player_hp = 50;
int long player_elementium = 50;
int long player_armor = 0;
int player_attackpower = 5;
int input = 0

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
while (game == 1)
if (area == 99)
cout << “===========================\n===Adventures of Medievia===\n===========================\nEnter a number for your selection\n1: Start a new game\n2: Load an existing game\n3: Quit”;
cin >> input
if (area == 0)
cout<< “Welcome to town.\nDo any of the following actions by typing a number:\n1: Talk to townsfolk\n2: Purchase items\n3: Stay at the local inn\n4: Pray at the altar to increase elementium”;
return 0;


cout is part of the namespace “std”.

Either put the line using namespace std; right after your #includes, or replace every “cout” with “std::cout”.

Also, #include , not #include “iostream”. Quotes are for user-defined libraries. If iostream came with the compiler (which it did), then use triangle bracket thingies.


Same for the other library, probably. (wtf no edit button? :frowning:)

Also, I’d recommend using an enum for the section you have commented as “town = 0” etc.

They exist to do exactly that sort of thing =P


what be an enum?

you mean



OMG i just compiled it and its spraying the text all over my screen! how do i get it to clear the screen and rewrite at the top of it for each instance of the loop?


I dunno if that’s possible with C++… >_> I mean, I don’t think I’ve learned how xD. But you could just add enough lines to make it look like it’s been refreshed <_<.

cough Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have even bothered xP.

Also though, you’re definitely going to want a cin or something of the like somewhere. Otherwise it’s just like looplooplooplooplooplooplooploop and never stops to let the player read it.



hey guys.
I have absolutely no idea at how to do gml and I want to make a game like okami with brush techniques to do diferent things in the game but have no idea how! :confused:
can somebody plz help :confused:


Well … firstly, there is a help file included with game maker. Start by reading the “GML” section. It is quite in depth, and that is the way I started learning. Second off, there are many forums around the internet dedicated to creation with Game Maker. Here is one and this is another.

Lastly, I would like to point out, asking in the form of “omg guiz i no nothing bout gml halp me lurn” isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to understand the way programming works first. If you don’t understand the logics behind it you will get nowhere fast. So I suggest you either go buy a book on the basics of programming or Google it.


I vote Google it. Much Cheaper. XD


Is anybody still working on fangames? I haven’t seen much activity over the past few years.

Edit: Holy shit, nine years. It’s a shame we don’t see as many fangames anymore.


There are definitely still fan games being made out there in the world, but when P2D activity dwindled away in the late 00’s, this board definitely lost its hold as a focal point for them. Now that the team’s rebooted and this forum just got re-released in this shiny new design, maybe we can rekindle some interest in people blogging their updates here again. Got any ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m fairly certain at least two active members on this forum are developing fangames, and I think there is a really old topic that lead to one of them.

Maybe one of those guys can start posting here. :sweat_smile:


no never hhhhh




Awesome screens! Why not post a topic showing off your work? That way you can provide blog-style updates and have a convenient place to link people :wink:


Too lazy to do it lol


Ah, laziness, the bane of all fangames.


game’s finished i just don’t want to release it…