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You gave me an idea, it will check the room and change it’s sprite subimage to show the current room!


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okok, this is the scong time i got move, so plese bare with me, im new in the forum, so please dont count me spamming so heres my problem, cut and paste from my other topic which got lock

ok, im a n00b in GM so please go easy on me , ok i just finish my first game the one where you have to catch the clown, yeah, now im working om the maze game, decided to use animated sprites, but it seems that when ever i move the character, the animation stops, and turn into single frame(i have 4 frame per sprite) so heres what i got
event keyboard=change sprite to= sp_ninja 2
>subimage= -1
> speed = 0
=start to move
=align object with grid
i have that for all the other player sprite, but it doen’t seem to be animating, so any help?


Speed = 0 means it’s frozen. Try setting speed to 1 and see what happens.

I would’ve answered earlier when I closed the other topic and not made you come all the way over here just to get a simple response like that, but I didn’t notice that detail at the time… Sorry about that.


its ok, thanks alot :slight_smile:


Hey there all, I was wondering on how to do the following with my Metroid Fangame (see sig):

  1. Charge beam
  2. Correct morphball physics and transformations
  3. beam changing
  4. Space jump
  5. Correct Boss AI without paths (i want em to chase samus around like core X)
  6. screw attack

Thats just a few things i wanted to figure out, feel free to help with any of the above :slight_smile:


With most of those you simply take how you would fully describe it and convert it directly into code.

For example, the space jump:
How you would fully describe it: If you’re spin-jumping in the air, you have the space jump, and the jump key is pressed, then you will “jump” again.
How you would code it: if (spin_jumping && in_air && space_jump_have && jump_key_press) jump();

Just be sure to replace the variables and functions with what they actually are in your game (eg. “jump()” would probably be something along the lines of “vspeed = -10”). That’s where comments come in useful.

However, for the physics and AI path, you’ll have to do a little more than boolean logic. You’ll instead have to do… math. Dun dun duuunn.


could someone tell me where to get a tutorial on making platform engines (metroid preferably) using unegistered gm


Getting hold of a GM key illegally isn’t hard online.
But if you insist, try to official GM examples (or…). Well anyways, they include a .pdf file and a couple of .gm6 files. The .pdf file explains what is happening in the corresponding .gm6 file. Then, they get you to open another .gm6 file and does this all over again. This should satisfy your need for a basic Metroid Engine.
Search around the Fangames section on GASP! THIS FORUM! There was a guy who posted how to make the minimap thing and all these other advanced tricks so you don’t have to figure them out yourself.


the topic needs registered to use… and, if he doesnt want to spend 20 dollars or get GM:R illegally, than that tutorial isnt for him.


im having a problem where the room starts, and if you have the mouse button pressed down, the next room reads the mouse as if nothing is pressed (though a button is pressed), i have tried many times to fix this, can anyone help?


I tried it in my engine too and I get the same result >_>;;
I think that each time a room starts it clears the all mouse input.
I can’t realy think of a good fix for this.

Let me guess…your having problems with the charge beam.
Let me tinker around with this a bit and I’ll see if I can come up with anything :wink:


Can someone tell me what i’m doin wrong
Metroid: Final Hunt Engine


lol, yeah! the charge beam is the problem, im working on it too, tell you if i find anything, and i will google and find some forums to ask on.


I hate to tell you this, but you had better start over. :sweat:

Ok…I will help.

The most successful platformer engine I know of for Gamemaker is FoxEngine2.3
which is what I am using for the platform physics in my game.

It’s not THAT complicated and you don’t have to understand everything, but it is pretty much all in code, which if you are gonna try to make a metroid game, you might as well get familiar with.

FoxEngine :slight_smile:


thank you, i’ll try to figure it out
EDIT: doesn;t work, you need a registered/pro version of Game Maker and my parents won’t let me register my game maker