*****Official "Hi I'm New!" Topic*****


i this this has something to do with xgmx making a new thread to say hi.


Notice that one of the people;
a)Did his first, and
b) Is metroidhandler. He is above what petty laws we have here.


A bit pointless making a topic which just says “Hi” and then vanishing again, isn’t it?


If that is the will of the lord, then it shalt be obeyed.


…the 90’s one and the software development one makes me feel incredibly failurish. I am born pretty early in the 90’s (91), and I’ve barely got a grasp on where to start learning C and C++, much less using it.


He IS the ‘owner’ of this forum anyways, so he can do as he pleases.


Its what your momma told you what you were waiting for that one chilly evening outside of Vancuver.
Peace to your mothers, son.


'Ello mates.
New here.
I’ve been playing Metroid for, what, four years? Maybe more, maybe less.
Anyway, this is the mandatory introduction. I’m part Australian and part Canadian.
Also, can someone tell me how come I can’t upload images as my avatar? Or should I just use a URL?



Did I ever post here?


I didn’t :frowning:


whoops forgot that too xD


yeah that happens sometimes…?
Just double check the limits that the avatar shoud contain… there’s mostly a prob there.


Hi, I’m new.

I am the illegitimate son of Phlakes, who some of you may know from SCU. Long story (extremely) short, I sprite.


Metroid is also my best friend.


I thought Phlakes WAS the illegitimate son.


Maybe he’s the illegitimate son of an illegitimate father… :confused:


That about sums it up.


Hey whats up. I’m Kikko, I like to sprite, draw, skate (board) and whatever. I love pretty much any kind of music. Later!




I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see you again, but hi.


whoa you posted when i was posting! crazy!