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He’s a religious right-wing bigot. There’s no depth to his character, nothing that makes him anything but boring and stupid.


lol where did bigot come from?


The gay part >_>


So what if he’s religious? Did anyone ever think that being gay was wrong? Hmmm… Yes. Jesus said that. It’s wrong. They don’t fit together. Thats why men and women were designed the way we are. It’s so we could make babies. Besides, if you can’t get a girl to like you, you just suck. XD (lol jk)


Unnatural != Wrong


072, is that an argument you’re ACTUALLY using or is that sarcasm?
Lasik eye surgery, flying (planes), robotic limbs, GLASSES, clothes… all of these can be considered "unnatural."
We weren’t designed to fix our eyes once they’re fucked up. It must be wrong to get any form of correction, then.
Flying? We weren’t designed for that! I mean, come on, we don’t have wings. Planes must be evil.
We also can’t generate new limbs! That means making our own when we lose one is evil.
The worst part? We weren’t designed to have an outer layer of fur or skin. We weren’t designed with a way to live in cold climates. But god dammit, it looks like nearly everyone on earth is now an evil evil sinner because they don’t run around nude, the way we were made. It’s so terribly unnatural!

And now that I’m done being a sarcastic ass…
The bible was not written by Jesus, it was written by people. Said ‘people’ were not completely devoid of sin. Thus they were not really all that reliable. They could skew things any way they want. Considering the time, if they said being gay was fine, they might have been killed and the bible completely ignored. And the bible being ignored is not what they wanted… they wanted to convert a crapton of people to their religion. I believe that they altered their writings accordingly.
It would certainly explain the blatantly plagiarized portions, (for instance, Jesus, born under a star to a virgin, three wise men come to visit, bla bla bla. Different names, same story… you’d be surprised how many holy texts had their saviors born the same way.) but I’m not going to get any more into that because I know the religious members of the forum won’t listen to a word anyway.



!= means “not equal to”


Then consider the argument directed towards Ashes =D

Edit: Also, I’ve never seen that expression. Sorry =P I usually see =/= for that.



By the way, I couldn’t agree more with the second half of your post up there. :slight_smile:


facepalm It’s like I double fail.
I never actually get anywhere with my coding book, as I only pay attention to it about every month. Fail number one.
Fail number two is that if I WOULD have gotten somewhere, I would have known what that meant and would have seemed like much less of an idiot =D


sorry the definition i had in my head of bigot was wrong xD

the problem with that arguement is that we most of the time can’t choose what “turns us on.” You think gay people chose to be gay or they just had a natural tendancy to get “turned on” by the same sex?


No one knows except a gay person. Anyone in here gay?


i know gay people


I do too, but it’d be weird to ask that question >_>


I know someone who was made gay by a traumatic experience, he says that his brain “be fucked right up now”


Yeah, we’re studying this in biology, so I’m not too sure what it is. Even if we’re influenced by our genes or whatever, its still ultimately our (or there) decision. Thats directed at Pomegranate.

And yes 072 Unnatural does NOT equal wrong. Not most of the time. Just sometimes. :smiley:

Cloud, Your an atheist. I get it. Don’t shove me into the ground noobkake. Don’t beat me up just cuz its fun. “Hey look, this guy likes Jesus. Lets make fun of him. Hurhurhur!!!” Yeah, thats you. Here’s me. “Wow. Sucks to be him. Living in non belief sucks.”

The Bible was written by people INFLUENCED by God. He gave them the Word for them to write. He gave them the inspiration on what to write. The Bible isn’t messed up. Its right. It’s historically accurate. Also, Christianity was the FIRST religion. People copied us. Also, its not so much a religion as it is a relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Tru Fax.

Any other questions?


bollocks; Judaism was the first religion following the idea of one god

and multi-god religions aren’t false religions, i mean Hinduism is still strong


religion is stupid


bible? right?



why anyone has imaginary friends after kindergarten is beyond me


First thing I disagree with you on CMC. And, Christianity started when Adam and Eve were created. Syntax, you Jewish? or Hindu? Or WHAT!?!!?

Strike that: Syntax, I have to disagree with you too. This is going to hit the fan eventually, someone stop this. (That includes me) Can’t lock something like this thread can you?