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Wrong. Others came first. to an extent. Because technically Jews came first. And some before that.

However, I’ve experienced to much supernatural involvement to believe anything else. (yes, I’m Christian, and proud of it)


I’m liking you more and more Zurg. Also, lots of stuff thats un-explainable has happened to me, and lots of people I know.


So unnatural that all of nature is doing it!

And I’m not aware of any New Testament comments on homosexuality by Jesus directly.

And… oldest religion?
18th on this list. Nice try.



so hard

also agreed


He’s not an imaginary friend. Also, Jesus never said that homosexuality was wrong directly. I think paul said that. I forget. Also, everyone alive (yes that includes animals and Timmeh) can sin, not just humans. FYI Sin is in the dictionary and it states, "an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law: A sin in the eyes of God

There you have it. Anyone else want to argue? Or can we just be friendly, and let this all go? I’m all for calling a draw, and just going back to being friends. :smiley:




Hey ashes, you’re wrong, I’m not an atheist. I just don’t enjoy dogma as much as most of the Christians I know.

To be specific, God? Yes. Bible? No. Jesus? Yes, but I don’t think he was born in Bethlehem <_< But that’s not even worth arguing about, so let’s not XD
On to the religion topic with the rest of my reply…isms.


I believe that the later part of my post should prove that i am in fact atheist, also as the Judaism, Christianity and (i believe) Islam share one old testament Christianity is, even with that slippery logic, not the first religion

anyway yes on to the religion topic thing


so you’re saying homosexuals should force themselves to do something they don’t like just to be “biblical?” honestly the only case i can think of in the bible where it talks about homosexuals is in Sadam and Gamorah, which were destroyed. However, it’s my belief that the story is often misinterpreted because the cities were destroyed and there were gay people asking to have sex with the main character’s (Lot) guests. Now, think about it this way… it could just be the act of forcing him to give up his guest and kidnapping that person was the evil part of the story, not the homosexuality.


Hope I’m not braking any conversations but…

Hello everyone. I’m new. xD Well, actually, I’ve had an acount here for a long time, justr haven’t posted anything so yea… My older acount was phazonbatch92 (I believe). Hello again.


Yeah, that conversation is old. whatsup?


to derail the train abit more… how did we get on the subject of homosexuality in the “Hi I’m new!” topic xD


some body’s sig had “the toilet paper of chuck norris” and then we got on a rampage about religion based on norris’ views on homosexuality >_>



IM new to p2d but my friend has been on for a while
also i make music in spare time if anyone wants music yea



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