*****Official "Hi I'm New!" Topic*****




Yeah, we all are… Shudder…R E A L W O R L D friends. I know, the real world is a scary place.


bawwww thats ok, i invited my friend Jesus here :3


by the way



RE is Jesus, who the hell are you talking about?


The other Jesus, DUH. :wink:


Hello Daz, yes there has been a massive wave of movement.


shudders REAL WORLD…shudder


Hi! I’m new here on p2d!
I live in canada


Bullshit, you joined in December '09.

Hi anyway. After seeing what kind of person you are, I will call you Archius Prime.


Well I couldnt figure out how to post!
And why Archius prime?
I will call you guy prime!


Because you act like Archius, and he was here (well, active) first. And you’re probably the same age, too.


Sure enough, I checked his email.

It’s Arc.

Now shall I quote the rules?

Which one to ban… >_>


I dont have an email address!
I asked archius if I could get an acount!
but if you morons think that im
archius well your f***ing rong your morons!
Evil phlaks and zurginator!
Archius is my friend. :imp: :smiling_imp:
Archius is visiting me at my house!
Do not ban archius !




Do you have ANY idea how easy it is to make an e-mail address?

(Also, I think a ban hammer is imminent.)




Starting to use better grammar won’t make us think you’re different people.


Hmm… Ban Archius to reset his post count. For teh lulz.


And why does Archius use the language reserved for 5-year olds? Honestly, I talked and typed smarter than BOTH Archiuses when I was 6. It’s absurd! For an octopus! And that’s saying something, because we do some pretty frickin’ weird stuff.


Or I could reset his post count anyways. :sunglasses:


How about just use all of your shimmering awesome moderator powers to screw with everything he does? That’s worse than banning. Most often the victim will just get fed up and leave, so you get the effect of a ban. (After some fun, of course.)