*****Official "Hi I'm New!" Topic*****


Archius! You deleted yo tips! No more editing and deleting anything anymore! It’s makes me look like a double poster…


Umm… yeah… That’s what I do. But it turns out you always post before and after me.
And I tend to delete most of my posts.

thanks for the compliment.


there you happy Archius i posted on the hi im new toppic can i use this as a chatroom




damn you P.S. im posting on my dsi


I am posting on a ten year old french laptop.


your labtop is french


Yes, and it has a lot of randow symbols and fractions, like this: ?


Now my opponent, draw your sword and duel me.


I put on my wizard hat and pull out my wand. Your move, Voldemort.


Since I can’t edit, Voldemort can’t move until 6:23 pm.
Quoted from a pm:


I kind of have to make productive posts now and Archius the reason they dont allow you to EDIT is bacause you can type in a bunch of random letters and it will be like deleting except, there is a bunch of ramdom letters.


Both of you.

Shut the fuck up.


Quote fer truth.


So, Daz, maybe we need a couple new mods to keep these new users in line, especially now that the board’s becoming a bit more active. You’re really the only one that shows up, but it’s not very often.


Lilium got the position.


Oh, didn’t notice that. Awesome. I look forward to her many mod edits.


A good choice for a mod.


probably due to the fact that you lie a lot.
the f word isn’t nice.


It also does not seem to be as effective as I once believed. Seriously though, if you know each other in real life, have your disputes there. Not here, unless you honestly want our opinions.