*****Official Sig/Avatar topic*****


Have a looksee at the transparency edges.

That’s not noticeable? Interesante…


I fixed it by getting rid of transparency for that site.


yeah yeah yeah, I didn’t notice that until afterwards.

It didn’t copy the transparencies, so I had to do them myself <_<


Yeah… that’s on me, actually.
There’s a faint dark red line on the first sig just outside the black border that I didn’t notice <_< pretty much exactly where the white lines are now.

Thanks, PY.


'twas bored.


“It was bored?” :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, looks nice. I’m guessing it was modelled and rendered in something?


Did you really make that? It looks absolutely fantastic. Makes me want to install DOS and play games until I drop dead…


Guys, you make it look like I have figured out how to use these programs. >_>
Google image search “Zurg” and look at the first picture.


Looks pretty cool!! :smiley:>
And it fits your name!! :smiling_imp:


or google “zurginator” and you can find a picture of Zurginator ;D


fear my “awesome” new sig xD


The eye’s a little too far to the left IMO - doesn’t look right. Lol @ the broken border-ledge that the humanoid metroid sitteth on xP.

Edit: And the missile that looks like a crushed metroid xD.


which eye?


The only eye on the candy man in your sig!

Edit: …Unless that’s supposed to be a smiling mouth. I always thought it was an eye because of how far to the right it is >_>.


there is no eye on the candy man


Read my edit:'s in my two posts above.


its a smile and the missile is supposed to look like that xD


Yeah I figured so, it’s just funny :stuck_out_tongue:.

Also, you can see why I thought that to be an eye, right? >_> I dunno…


bit too low for an eye O.o