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Rides away on epic steed


lol an eye. how could you think that?


–; Because mouths aren’t usually glowing or white, and his head could be hunched down like an evil man, or he could have a large forehead.


his head is hunched a bit down
and its his teeth that are white

also eyes dont glow nor are they white
unless it rolls into your head xD


But they’re expressed as glowing more than teeth. Think, like, batman or robots >_>. Cheshire cat’s teeth glow, but his are too crescent-shaped to be an eye. Are you saying you really can’t see why I would think it was an eye?

Whatever xD pointless argument. I’mjussayin. Might put like two little white dots or something above the mouth to insure that it’s not an eye.

… I guess noone else was confused about this though, so meh @_@. Don’t listen to me. Vanisheth


no, i can see why you thought it was an eye
the first time i made the Candy Man it WAS his eyes that were visible
i changed it to a smirk cuz it seemed more…
i dunno, creepy? evil?

but i still say its too low and too long/thin to be an eye




i agree



nobody comments on my beautiful pair of awesome? =<


That cat needs a bath. Look at its fur, all matted down with blood! What kind of owner are you, Pomegranate? You should be ashamed.

That’s what I would say if I didn’t understand the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


honestly is it that hard to tell its a zombeh kitteh?


thats the blown up gas station on No Mercy of L4D, isnt it?


waiting for someone to realize that


I knew that. Just giving you crap. :stuck_out_tongue:


I realized that :frowning:


then say something about it noob


New Av. About what I say every day. I tend to get my crires wossed. :stuck_out_tongue:


So I have a new set, it seems. T2DM’s a loony. >_>