*****Official Sig/Avatar topic*****





However, it’s… a bit on the big size, is it not?

342 …

Porn of that plane is the answer to everything? >_>


Putting it down to 60k would be a travesty D:

At least, I think it would. I’ll see how small I can get it.

edit: I’m an idiot and forgot to flatten it, it’s 26kb now <_<;




…Rofl. That is awesome, PY


PY’s new sig is full of win



lol you cheated that’s not translucent it just looks like it =<


It was originally, but I could get a smoother fade by cheating :3

edit: oh noes it fails on alternate posts D:


Forgot to mention avatar.

I am ashamed to call myself a poster.


i has LfG avatar nao


my friend made this sig for me…I think its pretty slick personally


I totaly stole my avatar, and my, other sig, was made by me, but it kinda sucked. Oh well. I’m fairly new to photos shopz.


New sig:


Syntax, I think I love the show your sig refers to. Frickin’ great.
However, DON’T watch all of season 1 in a single day. It had a fairly negative effect ^_^;; I was depressed all day…


I still think my current sig is freakin amazing…


i watched code geass seasons 1 and 2 whle they were airing in Japan on a weekly bases as they were subbed and uploaded.


Sad orange!
Image blatantly ‘yoinked’ from an awesome wallpaper.


I think you need to update that, I’m not banned. >_>


much win detected


And CMC is back on… >_> I need a new sig. IM GONNA MAKE ONE!!! (give me an hour I’ll have it up)

Edit: Done!! (I know it sucks, and you can see the MP2E logo under the right Grenchler.)