*****Official Sig/Avatar topic*****


why dont you just copy the left one and flip it into place, taking care to erase around it so it doesn’t look out of place?


Because the logo is in the background. It’s in the Image I used. :confused: thats why.


i know this is too big for an avatar or sig, but i FINALLY remembered where i put it

it was on my myspace the whole time!

the ORIGINAL Candy Man Criminal
the one in my old avatar was thrown together


Very nice. Good shadows. I likes. Any suggestions for what my name could be made into a sig?

Edit: Or how I could Make my current one better?


New set. :smiley:




Yeah… that’s the kind of grit I want project prime to have.



You’re unbanned. I just noticed that. Woah.

But Prime would’ve been nice with that style.


I like it, Zurg. And if that’s what your Prime Project is gonna look like, I can’t wait.


well thats a nanosuit so thats not exactly what its gonna look like /smartarse

but its an awesome pair anyway


It won’t look like that for a LOOOOOOONG time. First up I’m going to make the world and you can play in it as Nomad. Next step is AI. After that is ripping Prime’s models and sticking them in as temporary things. Final step is custom models that have grit, grime, and battle damage.


Interesting. You’ll have something presentable soon though, right? It seemed like you were really pumping through the world in your Project Prime topic.


After Emulating Prime, I determined that the world wasn’t up to my standards. In other words, scraping it.

I CAN however, move pretty fast…then again, I can’t get crysis to boot. :’(


Where can I get a sig rotation script?
I pulled these from wallpapers. They’re silly! :smiley:


This is the gosh darned cutest thing ever.


aww platypus :slight_smile:


killer platypus defeating a raptor


It’s a T-rex dude… Get it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any good image rotation sites?
I know Cut and Paste Scripts does, but that URL format isn’t usable on these forums.


ask timmy… that’s how he’s doing his avatar i believe.


PY’s hosting it for me. You’ll have to ask him :S