*****Official Sig/Avatar topic*****


or your avatar…wait, that might be my computer. I dunno. :stuck_out_tongue:


well its fucked on both of my machines as well so I think its safe to say that its either the board or the host


i dun see his avatar either


Oh, I see, I see.

…You should fix that.


yeah prolly, its a gif of Kallen beating on Suzaku, everyone favorite scene from R2 because its pretty safe to say that we all hate Suzaku (hypocritical idyllic prick that he is)


It has been brought to my attention that Zurginator’s sig is unreadable. Someone do something.



I’ll try and fix it.


Bison says hi.




ohhai, new avatar?
liiiike it? xD


Me likes. But no sig?


no, no new sig yet



Pardon the quality. I lost Photoshop and GIMP confuses me. But either way, the fact remains. MOM will be GOTY for this scene.


Heck yes Daz. Freaking awesome.


I managed to get the freakin’ hexagons right without cutting anything off this time.
Steampunk ftw.
Aaand yes, I used a modded nerf gun as stock.

Edit: …it makes me angry that this sig looks better on this forum’s background than it does on my clan’s forum. Especially since I’m pretty sure it’s over the size limit…




Looks a bit blurry, imo.


Kind of intentional, kind of forced. I’m not so great at cleaning things up after a resize, especially a rough resize (something like 1/7 of the size instead of 1/4), and after experimenting, blurring (as well as lightening/darkening certain areas) cleaned it up the best. I also thought it looked cool =D

Basically, since I suck at making things look pretty, any sig or avatar with the hexagons or the gears is going to be blurred.


I love Cake.


I think that’s the deepest sig I’ve ever seen, Yeil.