*****Official Sig/Avatar topic*****


Sh— I forgot this topic when bragging about Project Prime’s size. Ah well.

New one:


I made a new sig!

what do you think?


Oh yeah, new sig too.


Same ol’ Same ol’ Might make one off of the thing you just posted though…


I think it is awesome and I like it a lot, but it greatly exceeds the sig limits of 450 x 150 and 60k. :\


Eh, so? its not like anyone here has dialup. And we dont care.


I care. Speak for yourself.

  1. timmeh 23 up, 7 down
    subsitute for the word retard
    he is a retard
    auto censor: he is a timmeh!


  1. timmeh 9 up, 18 down
  2. Sexy
  3. See sexy
    TIMMEH! you are one sexy beast


Is there a way to resize animated gifs?


Here, I did it for you.


… Jpeg.


Zero is…Konata!!! :\


The most fucking annoying GIF on the planet! It gets me every time and I instinctively slap my monitor before I realize it’s an image. Grahr! (When used on a white background.)


I love how the school computers put a white border around any animated part of a gif :smiley:


no that’s just because of no anti-aliasing




New avatar. Like it?




That’s too bad. I spent a good year on that one.