.. Okay, REALLY weird glitch in Prime 1

So, I was on my way out of the Phazon Mines. Going along my merry way, killing sexy pirates, blasting doors and turrets, when suddenly, I stopped in mid-step.

No, I didn’t stop because I saw something odd. I stopped because… well, I have no idea. I just … can’t go further.

There seems to be a massive invisible wall covering where the exit door is.

And to make matters even worse and stranger… I can jump on it. I can not, however, jump OVER it. It seems to be a perfectly stable rectangular structure. Nothing unusual.

Except that it’s invisible and blocking my way out.

Wtf do I do?

It’s Elite Control, by the way.

Head back two rooms and then come back.

It’s still there… :\

gamecube turn off, gamecube turn back on


or clean the disk that usually helps

Pirate defenses!

That is really wierd, yeah, clean the disk. Don’t turn your GC off, tho, it won’t kill it.

Yeah, Daz. Clean your disc without turning the GC off. That will surely solve your problem.

Well, that’s easy enough. I’m playing on my Wii anyway, so my GC isn’t turnoffable to begin with. >_>

That might actually be part of the problem. I’ve found that little things are different. It’s weird. For instance, I found it extremely difficult to sequence break to get the plasma beam early. At least, more difficult than it was on the cube. This might just be me, but I think that the Wii might be having an effect on certain gameplay aspects. However, I was able to get past the part you specified on the Wii (without sequence breaking), so that might not be the problem. If you still have your cube, I would try it on that too.

I got past there fine too.
You turned your Wii off, didn’t you?


Um, actually, I just discovered that it wasn’t actually walling off the exit. It was walling off another part of the same room.

I fail it.

… Epic fail, daz.

Still, pretty weird.

if that happens again you should post a video of it. you’re game is full of epic win =D

I would have, but I don’t have the software to install my webcam on this computer, and a virus killed it on the other one.

<.< your Karma ran over your dogma >.>

I remember hearing someting like this before, someone can’t remember who at school told me about it. If it still there our happens again Daz just start a new game.

I suffered several terrible bugs on Prime 1: when you get out of the ship with the Phazon Suit, the background disappears and appears and you can see inside Meta Ridley and outside the level; it happened several times. In Prime 2, while fighting the diving larva/moth thing, the game just completely fucked up like in Prime1. And in Luminoth city, but that was because of the Cube’s dirty lens.

Got a Wii?
Use that, I think your 'cube is damaged.

I do have the Wii, but I never got glitches while playing MP. All was done on my '02 Cube. I just think that the Primes weren’t that well debugged.