Old but still funny

Techno Remixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!


I dunno this’s been on my favorites, but I was watching it yesterday and decided to post it. Hillarious.

haha, youtube is great, really give people like this an outlet for their creativity.

I can’t believe I was actually able to sit through that thing without laughing. Good find, to say the least. I think I’ll show this to some of my friends so they can proclaim that I have no life. :slight_smile:

heh… found that one a few months ago, that’s my favorite one. Pretty frickin’ hilarious.

Lool I like that… do you remember Mr Oizo? Quite good, but not a remix.
2pm Tetris is fun, if we’re following the techno/electric vein…
And as for Black Mesa Ballad, well… everybody does that song on BFII, CSS or whatever.

*Aside ^^.
I’ll need to find some good remixes ^^.

fucking CBE blocking youtube

XD XD XD You’re so unlucky… You’re doing it at school or do you have strict parents?