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Dragon, you can man up and rip your hard drive out and boil it if you’re using Vista.
Seriously, who the hell uses Vista?

People are always complaining about vista, but I actually like it. If you have a good computer which can run it fine, then Vista is actually really cool. Plus, it has DX10, and XP will NEVER get the DX10. Upgrade or be left behind.

Vista rocks, and do you know why?
It actually uses my hardware!
It uses a shitload of RAM, yeah, that’s because it preloads often used apps to give them super fast opening times!

I leave XP alone for a while, it gets lonely and cries, vista goes ‘Eh, fuck him’ and starts virus and spyware checks, indexes, cleans, and defrags my hard drive.
The desktop window manager uses my graphics card to get rid of the annoying window redraw trails when you move windows, and also provides total support of your graphics card to the windows themselves. Most obvious is the glassy border, but also with non-client area AA, to make them incredibly smooth.

Increased hardware support means that most things ‘just work’, others will either have their drivers found on the net (Which unlike XPs, actually works), and if neither of those happen, then it definitely came with a CD, eh?

Compatibility wise, it’s no more than 2000 to XP, IE, most stuff works fine, I’ve only come across one ting that didn;t work, even with tinkering, and that is system shock 2.
My system boots in 14 seconds, so no complaining there.

Standby is much slower, but it saves your data to the HDD, so you can switch off the power and still resume pretty damn fast.

Better power management means I run in low power mode, with it automatically switching for gaming (Where it also turns off the DWM, so gaming performance under the new DX10 is almost exactly the same, and prettier, to boot).

So yeah, Vista is the first microsoft OS to not have immense suckage in most areas. (XP’s biggest suckage was the default themes that everyone but nerds used. I mean, really? Primary coloured luna, and sick inducing… silver thing? (Some VS though… om nom nom.)

Vista has been a commercial failure because of a rough start, and total fucking ignorance about why it uses so much memory.
Do you know what it does if an app needs memory that is taken by the system? It gives it as much as it needs, down to the 300MB or so for the core vista stuff. So yes, I use vista. And I love it.

EDIT: O_O I write a lot when I’m bored and tired.

Haha, yeah you did write a lot. But I’d have to say I agree. Aside from incompatibilities - the only real problem I’ve had with Vista - it is much more visually appealing (and pleasing to the eye) than XP, and seems to overall manage itself better.

So… Has anyone actually taken a look at the engine? xD Heh.

My problem with Vista is that it was created to earn Microsoft money, and then bam, they monopolized it. Is it necessary? What’s wrong with XP?

@Saber, Yeah, I did. It was pretty good, you should have continued it :frowning:

@Tim, Microsoft, apparently unbeknown to you, it a fucking business.
Yeah, that’s right, they MAKE MONEY! What’s wrong with XP is that it’s ugly, doesn’t use a persons hardware (Because back when it was invented, it didn’t have hardware to use), it’s window drawing methods are archaic (and if you don’t beleive me, look at every modern OS out there, OS X has… whatever they call it now, it’s 2D compositor, Linux has beryl/compiz, and vista has the DWM), it has glaring problems that have only come about since it’s launch (With newer hardware), and so on.
Yes, it’s necessary, it’s an OS to go with modern hardware, whereas XP is an OS to go with old hardware.
If your PC can’t run it, Tim, don’t knock it.
(And FYI, my system runs way faster than my old XP ever did, now that I’ve turned off all the unnecessary services in the background, which wasn’t hard)

Also, monopolised my ass, they kept XP in production longer so people like you could choose to buy it over vista, and if you don’t like MS, there’s always apple, and linux.

Yeah um false. Nowhere sells XP now.

Also, XP isn’t ugly. The classic theme is superior to anything, because rectangles save more space than any other shape. Alright, it… draws windows archaically. Does that REALLY merit an entirely new operating system? Microsoft is eeeevil, and Vista is an eeeeevil product.
Also, my PC is so many times better than your PC it’s not even funny. Except I guess I only have 2 GB of RAM.

I didn’t say it still was, I said they kept it in for longer.
Read, tim, read!

Also, don’t see ONE of my points and say does that merit a new OS, read them all!

Actually, fuck that, I’m going to pick one word from your reply, and make a post based on it.

What? Dude, if you can’t construct an argument (Which this post shows you can’t), don’t just reply with a single word. You’re eeeeeevil, and your post is eeeeeevil.
Also, my socks are so much nicer than your socks it’s not even funny. Except I guess they smell just as much as yours.

Kinda hard to address those kinds of points.
Be specific?

Oh, I see, you’re replying to small sections now.

How about this, you take my word for it, and actually try the fucking OS before you bash it, eh?
And no, trying it at a friends house, or anywhere other than your home PC doesn’t count, because you’re not really using it then.
Heck, every config is different, my school’s XP’s feel much less like home than my old XP did, so stop bashing something you haven’t used, fool!

I don’t think you get it. I hate the fact that it exists. Not so much any specific problems with it. It’s just XP, except it isn’t compatible with some things for XP, and XP isn’t compatible with things for Vista. It’s an unnecessary rift. Right now, I hate that I can’t go back to DOS if I want to do something that was written for DOS. Every time a gap is formed, it’s painful for all those involved, so it shouldn’t be done unless necessary.

So you hate progress.
So you hate advancement.
The horse and cart got people around, why the hell do we have cars?
The fumes.exe component is basicly incompatible with atmosphere.bat anyway, it’s a hack that keeps them together.

Tim, stop being an idiot.



Also, you’re thick as pahoehoe.
It’s not progress and advancement if it does progress and/or advance. Not all change is positive.
Cars are faster and require less maintenance than horses.
Vista is the SAME as XP, except boots 7 seconds faster or something.

Actually, it boots slower.
Actually, it is improved in almost every area.
Actually, Shut the fuck up until you’ve actually tried it rather than relying on what you’ve heard from people like you who haven’t tried it.

It progresses, and advances, a fucking lot, don’t let similar UI dissuade you, it is a whole new OS, less susceptible to virus’, and… oh, why do I bother.
The bloody morons here don’t care, you’ll just ignore my points, in favour of what you think, yet have no evidence for.
'7 seconds faster or something. '
Shows you haven’t got the first fucking clue what you’re talking about, so shut it.

EDIT: <_< A little off topic here.
Somebody on topic D:

What Tim was saying was that you can not buy a new computer with XP in it.
And actually, every store near me that carries computer parts has at least two versions of XP in stock. One of which was $100 in target, but I don’t remember which…
I also agree on the DOS point. I like DOS, I want to be able to use it… removing it entirely seems pointless =/ If there is a reason, tell me it, I’d like to know.
I would also try vista, but I don’t have enough ram, drive space, and my computer runs oddly efficiently for having 512 ram and what I thought was a crappy motherboard <_< (I mean, god, 2 ram spots, 3 PCI and 1 PCI Express, and a couple of other things… I just realized it kinda looks like a budget board.)

Also, I will try the engine just as soon as I get back on my computer if my time isn’t taken up by Republic Commando, Starwars: KotOR, CS: Source, or one of several other MMOs… It sucks to suddenly want to play so many games right when you suddenly have NO TIME… which… is odd, considering summer just started… but this means LAN time for my group of friends that live at least 2 hours away in every direction, my girlfriend is suddenly twice (or four times) as attention hungry (…that and the lan party is a bad mix, trust me.), and… my gf also suddenly has all these OCD-ish rules about dating and when we can see eachother (…apparently, we HAVE to go on dates friday and saturday, and then we HAVE to stay in on Sunday and just hang out. Even though there is absolutely no reason why we can’t do it on other days, aside from the fact that my girlfriend thinks that that’s “just wrong” and doesn’t count as a friggin’ date.
Also, family vacations and whatnot.
Sorry for taking up a large block of thread space with crap that no one wants to hear.

Yeah, um, you have two points so far.

  1. it draws windows differently
  2. less viruses

2 is actually important, I can give you that.

SERIOUSLY, what is everyone’s problem with viruses? It’s convenient, yes, but am I the only one that’s honestly never had trouble with them??
I’ve always fixed virus problems within a day, and I’ve never had to reformat or any stupid crap like that.

Well, they’re not important for anyone even remotely good at taking care of their computer, but the majority of people aren’t, so I can count that as important.

I guess it makes sense, considering the major target base for Vista appears to be ninnies that don’t know the first thing about operating a computer, much less maintaining it.
Like I said… convenient… but not enough for me to switch =/ Especially since I’m going to need to add ram to do the same crap I do now.

Tim, you haven’t listened to a single thing I’ve said, have you.

It’s faster, provided you have good enough hardware to run it (It will run on 512, but you don’t get the prefetching benefits with less than 1GB), more secure, looks far prettier, has endless little things that improve usability, like explorer windows having a customisable bar to place often used shortcuts.

The difference is far more than 2000 to XP, and I don’t see you complaining about that.
Grow up, Tim, just because MS is a business, and they made a new product which you don’t have doesn’t mean you have to hate it, it’s better than XP, and until you’ve actually used the thing you’re trying to attack, your opinion doesn’t fucking count, ok?
That’s like me saying debian linux is far inferior to fedora, when I’ve only tried the one, so shut the hell up.