other metroid games by Metroidkid

so far I have alot of games i would like created


metroid zebes rebuilt:need to start making

space pirates have been tractoring all of zebes’s remains to build the planet back together.They are planning on using the planets remaining bases to continue working on the metroid project.


kill everything on the planet by setting of the selfdestruct bomb.

game size:small

metroid zebes rebuilt2:need to start making

this is a remake idea about the first one.it is bigger,has more bosses,and more areas.


same as first.

game size:medium

metroid revolution:need to start making
metroid rebonded:still planning
metroid revolution multiplayer card game:done
metroid prime multyplayer card game:done
metroid prime2 multyplayer card game:done
metroid rebonded multyplayer card game:working on it.

will post more details later :smiley:

For god’s sake, kid, FOCUS. Starting on too many projects at once–might I add that none of those sound even remotely interesting?–is guarenteed to end in disappointment.

When you have lots of projects you forget about them cough like I have 4 websites, a game, web designing, flash stuff cough ahem…;;>_>

Wrong style kid, make 1 game at the time…

actually im more of a multitask person.its strange but i find it easier to work on multiple things at once, and funner

Yeah, but working on like 10 things at once is only gonna give you 10 crappy fangames, as opposed to one good fangame.

im not totally seriouse about this,im posting stuff i want to make, not things im making all at once.i ussually spend a few weeks on something, then work on something else.this way its less boring :astonished:

if you want to work on multiple games at once, go ahead,
your games, not ours.

Yeah that is true, im sure you other guys are just giving advice, you dont need to be so harsh about it though, still you should work on one game at a time, heh you could be multitasking on one game you could be doing more than one sprite at a time if you want that is multitasking.

Notice the fact that everyone who’s said something like this is working on quite an accomplished fangame. Notice how everyone that starts more than one at a time fails miserably (myself included).

Making excuses like that won’t help, laddy. You CAN’T make that many at once and expect any sort of quality. It just can’t be done.

I am working on 2 or 3 games right now, mainly focussing on one…I think that zombie game that nobody cares about is going to be postponed…that’s what happens…one at a time, man…one at a time…

i’ve always found it’s best to work on at least two or 3 games at once, that way if you get bored of working one you can work on the other