Other than GM?

I was just curious, but would it be better for the GM P2D to be compiled in ENIGMA once it gets completed? It’s certainly not done, but I figure enough features will be added by the time P2D gets finished that it’ll work. And plus, it’s compiled C++, so it’ll be far faster.

Yes/No? I was just thinking, considering GM does have its limitations.

Yes Retro, we get it, you like ENIGMA.

Let’s talk about this once ENIMGA can compile P2D, and not before, eh?

ENIGMA is an alright idea, but I find it odd for the fact that they have the “it’s faster” claim, but yet I run a platform game test (you can download it off their site) and it runs at 49-50 fps on my computer. Meanwhile, you run the packaged gmk file and it runs at 240 fps. However, it could even be other factors such as me having Vista installed on this computer, different video card, dual core processor instead of single core, etc.

Have you updated your video card drivers?
OGL support is still slightly iffy.

Regardless, in raw computational terms, ENIGMA kicks the crap out of GM (Case in point, a nested for loop designed to test ENIGMA took GM 25 minutes on my 2.4GHz CPU, wheras it was done in 5 seconds in ENIGMA. The speed is there, and Josh (The creator) keeps rewriting stuff to make it faster and stuff.

Yeah, I’m using the latest drivers for my nVidia 8800 GTS at the moment.

Other specs:
Windows Vista
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
3 Gb 6400 DDR2 RAM

I think it’s probably just Vista though, considering even GameMaker and GameMaker games run slowly within the first 5 minutes of play, first time running the program or games made with it after start-up (thereafter, all games run fine). I took my XP partition off of this computer once I got all my previous programs and stuff running on Vista without a real hitch, so I can’t really test it again on XP from where I’m sitting.

I do imagine it will kick the pants off of GM once it is finished though.

Huh, weird.

My card is an ATI Radeon X1300PRO, so you really should get considerably better framerates :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevermind, now that you mention it, I found a strange little glitch I might want to bring up, though it effects GM as well.

I unplug my 360 controller, and it all runs fine. :\ lol


Sounds weird, it doesn’t affect other games?

Nope. Just GM (6.1+ it seems) & Enigma games.

Hardhat 2 is made using GM 6.1, and I restarted my PC a couple times (exhibiting as I said with running a game right after start-up with lag) and then again without the gamepad. I don’t get the same results for my Logitech Dual Action, however, so it’s more-so something to do with using the 360 gamepad.