Outsider's Sprites

Can someone change this name to Outsider’s Sprites?
So I can show my sprites here… :neutral_face:

Just click edit on your first post…the main thing here…you can change the name there yourself…

Thanks :smiley:

NP…just doin my job…“It’s my job, and I do it for my country”

Random sprite… :unamused:

Maybe now working…

Something about that sprite…wierd…good though…shading needs work…so does the rock…


Lloyd RPG style >_>
I know he doesn’t have swords…

Need comments! :>_>:

Baby sheegoth

It’s old, so I’m will not edit it.

looks good,why wont u make a whole sheet?

I could try…

Great,its really good…

Energy tank

I don’t liek that energy tank much. It’s the wrong color, and it looks more like it’s getting crushed than actually rotating.

I’m back! Here’s Grizby:


wow, that’s… um… bloody.

Believe it or not, that right there is the same pitfall I fell into. See, that Grizby isn’t even the one from MP. The one in MP has a cluster of tiny red eyes and four dark red pegs for feet (ironically, they don’t even move when it walks). Plus, the blood is a very dark green (if you even pay attention to such things). Speaking of which, I need to edit the eyes on mine…

kinda reminds me of bomberman.lol