P2d open source engine


Anyone…? ;-; it’s getting lonely here…!


You know, I’m surprised that Troid hasn’t been around lately to post anything. I’ve kept a close eye on this conversation though.

@AlexR: That build demo… your art is stunningly gorgeous, especially the lighting effect on Samus as she walks over the top of her ship. I’d be curious to find out how you accomplished that! (getting it to not cast on any background art - clever use of layers?) Job well done, good sir! I also found out where that music came from finally. I threw the tracks into VLC and saw that they were both OCRemix tracks. I’d never heard those ones before!


He probably checks the forums sporadically at best. sigh

I was kinda hoping things were going to pick up around here, at least a little bit.


Ayyy lmao.


The demo screenshots look cool. I especially like the power bomb animation. I’ll try it out in a bit.

The assets might not have been released for good reason. If they did not secure a license from the each original artist, the art cannot be distributed like that. It would have to be released under creative commons or some other kind of license, which requires the artist’s explicit consent, which I am sure is all but impossible now.


Just got done with the demo. A few things: It’s capturing my input despite not being the focused window (I’m typing this out, and the game is still capturing input.) Also, last I heard from the other forumsters (and trellosters), the direction we were heading with the engine was more streamlined for a mouse and keyboard experience, so no 8-directional aim. Instead, the mouse cursor was to be the target reticle for shots. However, this is your own project, so go for whatever you deem appropriate! It seems like several people have broken off and are writing their own engines, which I think is cool. I just wanted to give you a heads up as to what the other team members have been mulling over (at least since I talked with them last November). It doesn’t really help that the Trello is private.


Still around. Should’ve checked here sooner. Just reached out to what’s his name, too.

I’m sure he’s been working on the engine, and just hasn’t said much.


If you have anything to tell me, get on metconst or am2r forums. Or a comment on any of my youtube videos. You’ll find them.


Hello all! I guess I’m not surprised to see that the dialogue on here dropped off again last October. People have busy lives though, stuff happens, etc. All of us have grown up and have careers now too, and not as much time to throw at personal projects like P2D. I’ve been pretty busy myself as well, traveling, planning my wedding… and playing Zelda: BOTW on the Switch. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I just wanted to throw it out there that I’m still here, and I’m still very actively working on stuff. I haven’t been working on my Metroid engine so much right now per se, but I’m definitely still dreaming of P2D, and also the possible post-Fusion storyline. Anyone else still around? I imagine that since it’s April now and spring is right around the corner, things will start to pick up on here again, just like they do every year when everyone recovers from the winter blues.


I’m still here! I check back every 3-4 days and delete the spam topics that sometimes show up. (Such as 7 of them from yesterday :sweat: )

Sadly, at this point in my life I have to keep game-related activities at a low priority. But! A few weeks ago I re-organized all the goals and tasks for every single one of my coding projects, and for a brief moment I was back to writing new game engine code whilst dreaming about P2D.

So perhaps there is a collab effort waiting to happen down the road. :sunglasses:


Would it be a good idea to migrate to a new forum service to get away from the spammers, or would that be a fruitless effort?


[Would it be a good idea to migrate to a new forum service to get away from the spammers, or would that be a fruitless effort?]

Hi, this is my first time using this forum, I normally just observe, so if I fucked up when trying to use the quote thing please forgive me. I would say that moving would just be a waste of time. Spammers would just start going to the new forum instead


i still pop by occasionally to see if anything has happened , but fuckin life man


Migrating to a new forum service might reduce spam, but there could be other negative side effects. We wouldn’t be able to migrate any data, so everyone would have to register again and probably wouldn’t bother because that’s a pain.

We have ~12 years of history stored here, and this place needs basic upkeep to stay afloat anyway, as we found out a few months ago when all the images were suddenly replaced by giant cats LOL. I’m totally fine with stopping by every few days.

Also there usually isn’t much spam. I just feel bad about last year when I forgot to log in for 3 months and came back to find 1000s of fake fumiture salesmen who had dumped their garbage everywhere. My bad. :angry:


Hi and welcome to the forums. To quote something, use this syntax:

Would it be a good idea to migrate to a new forum service to get away from the spammers, or would that be a fruitless effort?


ah ok. thank you! :smiley:






double alive


Performs CPR


Dies anyways.