P2d open source engine


Hi Marc24!

So in terms of this specific topic (the idea of an open source P2D engine) there has not been all that much progress in the last several years.

But in terms of other P2D-related progress in general, there’s a different engine that the team might end up using for the final game, and an official P2D demo was released over the summer. (Disclaimer: I’m coding this engine and also coded the demo…)

In fact, in under 1.5 hours this P2D demo will be featured on the following online virtual convention!
Take a look for “Defend Your Flaahgra”.


thanks for the quick reply, I just really hope this game gets finished soon (within months) not pushing you guys or anything, but I have had an eye on this project for a while, and I noticed work began in 2005.


If there is still hope for, if not this project, then at least the spirit of this project… Somebody will reply to this post. Someday.


So, I never posted this outside our Trello, and I’m not sure exactly where this should go, but this is as good a time and place as any I guess…
This chart is from all the P2D resources I’ve gathered and documented (stretching back to 2004), including graphics, music, and other files.

You can see that historically there’s been an active season (July to January) and an inactive season (February to June), with high peaks right at the end of school breaks (since I think most team members were students).

I’m not totally sure what we can make of it. Times change, jobs change, people change. But I’m still a student, and spring semester is still my craziest time of year, when P2D has to fall to the side if I want to survive. So it at least resembles my own schedule.

It might sound crazy now, since this place has been dead for months, but we actually had quite a burst of activity last July through January, starting with this topic and continuing into Trello and Slack. People made lots of concept art, and they even made working prototypes in both Unity and Unreal. Tons of fresh ideas got tossed around every week. We basically got a new “website”. It seems so distant and ridiculous to imagine now, but it definitely happened, and not even that long ago. Sure, we arguably weren’t making the best decisions together, and of course, there were issues getting things off the ground. But the activity fizzled away in none other than February, the same month it always has…

Maybe that was really the end, and interest just isn’t there anymore. But my hunch is that in a few months maybe we can round people up again and give it a second shot, with our newfound knowledge and experience. I’ll be there at least…

What is Troid's skype and why doesn't he answer it

And the MP1 reimplementation project will be available for any technical questions about the original engine that you may have, feel free to drop by and ask us anything!


Well this seems as good of a time as any to come back from the dead… Jeez, has it really been over a year since my first post here on the forums?

Hello everyone! It has been a whirlwind of a year. After moving from Wisconsin to Kentucky last November to start a new job, meeting my now fiance here, moving to new apartments and finding new roommates (until my fiance and I move in together after tying the knot), and now getting ready to get married next year, I feel that I am now in a place to at least collect my thoughts and attempt to catch up. When I came into the fray last summer to see if I could help with this project, or at least see if there was room for new faces, I never expected to receive the massive outpouring of feedback and energy that I got from ya?ll (that?s Kentuckian for ?I have a bit of a southern accent now")! Bravo to everyone involved on that front! I humbly apologize, to ALL of you, for completely vanishing and walking away from this project for so long. My life has completely and forever changed inside the span of about a 10 to 11 month period, so I can only hope that people understand.

TL;DR… I pretty much blinked and life happened! :slight_smile:

At this point, I?ve all but thrown the 2.5 years that I?ve spent on ?Marooned? (my personal project) out the window. And while I?m still working on the math and physics in it, I?m hard at work studying C++ (again, but fully following-through this time), as well as OpenGL now, so that I can port all of my DBPro code into my own engine and thus pick up and refine the project from there, given I still have the energy and desire by then. That?s the pipe-dream at least. Now regarding my involvement in this project, I am biting my tongue for now, so that I don?t promise the world and under-deliver. I still have plenty of new and fresh ideas along the lines of the original conversations we all had last summer. I will continue working on my plans, studying, writing code, etc. in the shadows until I am ready to report back with any significant progress or breakthroughs.

TL;DR… Talk is cheap, so I’ll stop there for now.

So all in all, I’m basically working on my own personal Metroid engine for this project now, just like I said I would before, and when I’ve made some decent progress I’ll bring it here so everyone can poke holes in it and see if it still floats. And then after that, who knows! At any rate, it’s great to be back! :smiley:


So is it gonna be open source? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, welcome back. Your topic last year spawned a whole lot of activity and good fun for a few months. Looking forward to your next update.


In short, YES. For the benefit of the entire P2D community, my engine WILL be open source. :slight_smile: With that, I have a question for you all: How do we want that facilitated? If we use GitHub (which I am NOT totally against) then it?s out there for everyone to take and do what they want with, under GPL license though of course. That means that there is potential for anyone to use it for their own P2D or related project. So quite obviously I would really like to keep our code under wraps and within our project as much as possible. Everyone else can use Game Maker, Unity, or whatever. But as for us, we will have our OWN unique engine.

Q & A time:

Q: Why NOT use Unity?
A: I will put this as plainly as possible: I don?t like Unity. Plus, development between Win, MacOS, and Linux is not 1:1:1 anyways. (among other gripes I have with it)

Q: What IS my engine?
A: My engine is being built using C++ and DirectX. I take back my earlier comments about using OpenGL as the graphical API; There are way too many user-created/customized distributions of OpenGL to dig through, so I choose to stick with the industry standard instead. That way, anyone with the know-how or a book on practical DirectX can pick up my engine and run with it.

Q: When will my engine be available?
A: I plan on having a playable tech demo completed by Christmas 2016. I?ll provide more details and specifics as we get closer to that date and my development progresses.

Other thoughts:

  • First and foremost: PLEASE, NO MORE TRELLO! I can?t be the only person who feels this way, am I? Let me explain: When there are project details in more than one place, it?s much more difficult to collaborate and keep everyone in the loop. This is why I backed-out prematurely last summer. If people want to work together via Skype, Trello, or some other means, then let them do that of their accord. I think our only concern for right now should be using and maintaining these forums.

  • I feel VERY strongly that these forums are still (and will continue to be) the best and most effective place to communicate and work on the game together.

  • With all of the above said, if plans get off the ground with my or any engine, can we archive all other/old posts on these forums and start from scratch with new topics and threads? I think that would help a lot with starting fresh/anew, although if we still had the option to check back in archives that would be wonderful.

  • I feel that it is incredibly vital that we start EVERYTHING from scratch: Forums, sprite art, engine design, map design planning (flattening of game world in Prime), art asset scaling/sprite sizes, an so on. Before people decide whether we should make things look like Zero Mission or have our own unique look, let me get a tech demo of my engine completed. THEN everyone can try their own ideas and we can see what sticks. Deal?

Everyone, please feel free to chime in with your thoughts. That?s all for now, folks! :slight_smile:


^^^ (I’m writing this message in this thread so people see my previous messages above) ^^^

So how many admins still login here on a regular basis? I ask because I’m starting to realize how dead this community has really become, since it’s been 4 days now since a spammer came on here and posted junk in a bunch of random threads. Are only admins able to perform garbage collection and ban users/IP addresses? (Reporting them won’t do anything unless someone is around to actually receive the reports!)

Things around here really have become as grave as they seem… I guess not ever having an open source engine, much less an engine of any kind for several years, will do that to a fangame community. :stuck_out_tongue: I have doubts about whether we can even revitalize this community, and I’ve had those doubts for awhile now.

In the end, I understand people are busy and life happens, plus we’ve all grown up a lot since this project first came to be. So perhaps P2D will not ever get made with the current team that remains. Time will tell, I guess!


Hehe… Funny enough I was just looking to see if this was open source or not.

Hey. I’ll help out a bit too.
I did some spriting here AGES ago.

I’m still around :slight_smile:

What’s the plan?

Wait wait, you wanna ditch all of the old spritework?


Unless the art style is incompatible, wouldn’t all of the old sprites give this project a significant boost?

Also, my talents are quite varied. I know a youtuber who can advertise this at a later point (including making a spiffy trailer)

I don’t have endless time to commit, but I’d like to help.


Hi Sudtrap! To answer your questions…

Well, I guess for now the plan is that there is no plan. I’m not able to call the shots in regards to how the project goes. Regarding my engine, I’m continuing to work diligently on it and refining my coding habits.

I guess I should say that I am entirely open to using old sprites and art that had been prepared for this project in the past. However, unless we adhere to very strict guidelines for all of the art, the design of the end product will look chaotic and disorganized, proportions won?t be accurate, and a myriad of other things.

The possible problems foremost in my mind at this point are:

  • Conflicting/dissimilar color palettes
  • Sprite scaling/size - How sizes for different objects compare (Samus vs. Thardus, Samus vs. Sheegoths, etc.)
  • Assets that we can?t use because we don?t know credits for them (Does someone have these details recorded anywhere?)

That’s basically what my current concerns are right now. I know that scrapping everything has been talked about before; but whether it’s a good idea or not is up for debate.



F12 is GMA, Right mouse is missile tank, left mouse is X/Y drag.

Enter: Subscreen
A:Aim, S:Moonwalk
Z:Jump, X:Fire, C:Dash
Ctrl: Ball
Shift: FPS Toggle


AlexR, is this… what I think it is??? Where in the world did you get a demo build of Metroid: SR388??? This game disappeared from the internet years ago and the project went completely dark/underground. Is Von Richter still actively working on this???

The art… the extra animation frames… it’s all so… pretty… :smiley:

I have so many questions for you…


I remade it from video references and shitty old assets that the MSR388 team takes way too much pride in. Can’t believe I actually revered it at some point.


I think you may HAVE something here though… This is very impressive! Where did you get the music? Did you directly rip some of the art from video references? Because there’s a lot of unique art and screens in here that I’ve never seen before in any of their videos.

I have some of the same feelings on the SR388 project. I remember reading some forum responses from some of the team members. They seemed incredibly proud of their massively-hyped work. Maybe a little too proud for their own good, which may have attributed to the project’s demise.

Anyways, what work in this is ripped, and what’s original/yours? Did you create the music yourself? The funny scan logs? The title screen? How long did this take to make, and when did you make it? Sorry for fan-girling all over your work, but I MUST know more…

Also, I get an overflow error on the title screen:

action number 1
of Step Event2
for object oDemo:

Variable oInput.CurrentWorld(100384, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Script_load_demo

stack frame is
gml_Script_load_demo (line 0)


That’s the demo replay load script. I haven’t updated it to work with the new minimap system. Aaand seeing as to how the replay system is trivial and doesn’t affect any of the engine’s other aspects in any way, I just ignored it. Screw replays.

I drew the gunship myself. Subscreen graphics were drawn by KillPanzer. The half-finished menu stuff was done by Beta. The environmental graphics were redrawn from very low quality video references. Music found from random sources online (and Von Richter).

It's all too much hassle for a project I'm 80% sure will fail. I've made all of these resources public domain as a motion of protest to the original team's selfish interests. You fuckers cock-tease hundreds of thousands of people for a decade straight and then silently fizzle away with a 'death-grip' on all your work? With your only official statement being comprised of a comment on some Youtube video? And these guys take themselves seriously? If they aren't going to put the assets to use, then I'll put them to good use. Or at the very least, I'll release them. It's a disservice to this (mostly) amazing artwork to have it locked away in some closet like a god damn souvenir.

Previous, horrible versions:

This shit has 1.2k downloads?:SR388v03B.exe

This shit a few more?: MSR388.exe

My ambition is my psychosis.

Assets from 2013 MSr388:http://www.mediafire.com/download/eaxcshjf…8/MSR388+ASSETS


Oh, did you see that save station? Betatronic takes way too much pride in that. Don't show that save station off, or else he'll get you banned. Because sentimental value or something. Actually, they [i]all[/i] have quite a hard-on for banning me. IE especially.

Random miniature gifs.

I want this to merge with P2D somehow, like fusing Prime and SM into something original. Troid tells me that isn’t a very popular idea with the rest of the crew.


My head exploded when I saw that post, and the game.
You had me completely fooled; although Samus’s hud in the menu is different.

Gah. shakes head
I had a nerdgasm.


I’m kind of confused P2d and SR388 are two completely different games.
Powerups, art assets… Monsters, bosses…

I can see the potential to share the base engine, and maybe an editor. But how would they be combined?

Also, did you program the engine yourself?

The reason I ask is because I consistently find for projects that the main problem is finding programmers.

EDIT: Hey, were you ever in the rpgmaker community? I know I’ve seen your name before… somewhere!

@Megahurtz Lol. That is a plan! Your plan is: Keep making the engine :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a sprite artist. Not the best, but I can get by. If we have the interest, I think something amazing can be kicked off.

My biggest concern is what happens when the eventual burn out happens. I’m working on a fangame right now (have been for over a year), and I’ve had several periods where I got completely burned out, and had to put the project down. (it’s hard to put all of that love into something continually). But the thing is, I always come back. Which is why it’s slowly being finished.


Ah, hell. I guess if you guys want, I can show you a bit of what I’m working on. But, it’s secret. I’ve been pretty careful not to let this out early, because it’s in mid-beta right now.

EDIT: Mind is still blown about that SR388 demo. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: I’ll need to ask the other two who are working on this if they are okay with this. Which they probably will be.


It’s all made in Game Maker: Studio. And yes, I programmed all of it. Competently.
I even spent a little time on refining the minimap/world editor.

When I talk about combining SR388 and Prime, I can’t eloquently describe what I mean. I guess I want to merge Prime’s aesthetics and presentation (logbook, major game events, environmental interaction), and SM/SR388’s core gameplay mechanics. Think AM2R but less ZM-ey and more atmospheric.


AH. That makes sense.

Yeah, my one beef with AM2R (and it’s not a big one) is that it’s based off of ZM and not SM.

ZM was fun, but I don’t like the way Samus handles.

That was probably my favorite part of your demo; how reminiscent it is of SM.
It’s pretty close.

The editor is pretty nifty.

Hey, why don’t we start a new thread?
If we want to post progress in it, then the original post can be edited, so people just coming into this can find out what’s going without having to dig through a billion pages.