I started on P90X today, and all I can say is holy crap this is gonna burn.

Anyone else have a workout routine?

yep, i call it sleeping

Get up from computer, walk to refrigerator, walk back to computer.

But I know some people who did P90X, and they said it’s not worth it if you’re not out of shape.

It’ll make thou a monster. I’ll have before and after pictures in 89 days. Lol.

btw, did you pay for this?

I figure I can get into shape the old fashioned way: jogging, push-ups, and crunches.

If they didn’t work, people wouldn’t still do them, you know?

please ban me (fucking wordfilter turned quoted for truth into that)… I had not worked out a day in my life until about July or August this summer. Then, my brother told me I should probably get into shape and get healthy so I started doing push-ups, sit-ups. It’s nice to know you’re creating a better quality of life for yourself :slight_smile:

Wanna get in shape? Join the military.

A lot of people out of shape can get into and make it through the military (at least here in “America, Fuck Yeah!”). :stuck_out_tongue:

Plyometrics about killed me. I thought yesterday was rough (Chest, back, and abs), but this was… definitely worse.

I can tell this is gonna work though.

I got a friend doing that actually, and I can already tell it’s working for him. Been less than a month.

My friend lost almost 200 pounds in 6 months via 2 runs of x.

He did the lean version though. I’m doing the get buff version.

once again i ask: did you pay for this?

Ebay ftw.

Hell no I’m not paying like $600 for a new copy.

did it come with equipment or something?

There are adds for P90X now on this page. Check it out yourself.


take THAT over priced workout!