How many people here play paintball? I do. I love paintball beyond anything.

I play :slight_smile: I’ll post my gun after I’m home from work, the wireless here is very lousy -.-

Lol. Love the Halo sig. Only a major though? :wink:

Yeah, I hope I stay a Major, I don’t play enough to get really high leveled. I usually play custom games more than anything with my friends, not too much of a fan about the immature and rude players that are almost in every game. And also, I really hate the fact that it’s almost impossible to defeat two enemies that start shooting at you, not even skill can save you, only certain power weapons -.-

I could go on forever analysing Halo so, let’s talk paintball. I’m guessing your’s is a Tippmann 98, judging by the sig :stuck_out_tongue: Mine is a Tippmann A5 with a full G36C kit, along with an ergonomic grip and an EOTech sight, yeah, the real deal, the whole gun and everything cost me about 1300$ -.- check out Opsgear for the things I was talking about (if you don’t already shop there :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m currently saving up for another A5, wich will become my Barrett M107 .50 cal sniper rifle :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll still shoot paint balls, but damn is it ever kick ass <.<

Yeah, I totally agree. Yeah, though, your right: I do shoot a Tippmann 98. That’s only until I can get a regulator for my Piranha. The reason I need the reg is so I can get more out of my new compressed air tank, and the only reason I’m using that is because my Piranha hates CO2. :smiley:

you could buy a computer for 1300 dollars. IMO paintball is just a phase. once you get bored of it you stop and the gun goes in the closet. A computer, though, can be used for many different things.

I never was into much paintball. tried it once with a rented gun and wasn’t any good (bad eyesight). Haven’t played it since.

Paintball is a phase? How come its been around since the early 1980s?

I’ve been playing for over a year, and I have friends who have played it for much longer. It is not a phase. Besides, a computer won’t get you the things about paintball that make it so worth it–the adrenaline, the sense of accomplishment after a victory, the excitement, the comradery…

Just because you were bad doesn’t mean you have to stop. I suck. Ove the year I’ve been playing I have a total of 4 comfirmed kills.

Yeah, if I pust all that money into this, I’m not just going to leave it in my closet.

Dang, that thing is sexy!

Excellent word =P

Well, I didn’t know how to spell it, so I used my common sense–comrade, comradery?

Anyway, I’m guessing you play woodsball, Zapper?

What’s that? Playing in the woods? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. With that gear, its highly unlikely that you play speedball. (aka playing on fields about the size of a basketball court)

I despise speedball, I don’t see the fun in it >_<

Lol. I’m not a big fan either. I like playing in the desert (there’s no woods in Arizona) but I also like the big field here, Desert Fox. Problem is, I don’t have much money, and its $65 for a case of paint. The other field is all speedball. I mainly play on Davis Monthan Air Force Base, as its really cheap, there, and I can use off-field paint.

Playing in the woods is fun and all, but, don’t count on hitting much, as soon as your paintball hits a leaf, or even a little branch the size of a pin, it’ll send the paintball out of trajectory to God knows where >_< I wish we had like an urban field around here, it’d be awsome, I hate this stupid little nowhere town -.-

heh. you could make one. just take some plywood and pallets and whatnot. probably wouldn’t be that hard. as long as you have the land for it. :confused:

Yeah… the land part is the real problem, but it would also cost me some money to put all the stuff together…hm… it’d give me something to do this summer though. Either way, why is this thread only our conversation? :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t anybody else here shoot their friends for the fun of it? <.<

Yeah. Getting land would be the problem. Where do you live?

Does it really surprise you? Most of the people here are nerds… no offense or anything.

i HAD an airsoft gun but i think i lost it… so i DID shoot at my friends… just not paintball >.>