Palin interview

this is a post-election interview with sarah palin regarding the poor media coverage surrounding her and her family. i’m listening to it now and i’m quite intregued

"Is it sexism?"
Yes, forcing rape victims to pay money for rape kits and making their abortions illegal is sexism. You lose, Sarah Palin.

I agree, the media had a field day making fun of her, and some major networks did some biased reporting, as they do in the US, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a laughable evil stupid woman. It just means the networks are shitty news sources.

Not that, of course, SNL is a news source. But whatever.



well, eat shit and die.

not really i just felt like quoting duke nukem for once.

anyway, i guess it does remove an oppertunity from the pregnant women who might be thinking of an abortion

but you JUST gave me a whole lecture on how moral vaules are based on self preservation and reproduction, so wouldn’t that tie in here =<

If a girl gets raped and has a child way before she can handle it emotionally, financially, etc, it won’t be a good environment for the child nor the mother.

I’m way too effing tired to go into more detail on that, but if you want me to, I’ll give it a shot. But I’m not promising that that shot will be tonight.

…how are morals tied into self-preservation? If you know someone’s in a burning building and you go in to try and save/help them (might feel morally obligated to do so), that’s hardly self preservation <_<

Abortions is like the internet. Everyone should be able to get it, it should be fast and almost for free.

And everyone feels sorry for the people who still have dial up.

Do they really exist or are they just an urban myth?


I haven’t watched the video, but if someone gets raped, how the fuck can you possibly justify making it anything less than quick and painless to get an abortion?

Preservation of your genes, actually. Which includes you, but also people close to you (your community). Chances were, before the 20th century, that people in burning buildings share your genes, so it was evolutionary favorable to preserve those genes by being nice to those people, like by saving them. Now we save people in burning buildings just cause we haven’t learned not to yet. Though you’re still much more likely to run into a building and try to save your family than to save a random person.
(We were talking on steam about the evolutionary origin of morality :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyway, the rape comment wasn’t in the video. The “Is it sexism?” was. And Sarah Palin, of all people, dropping hints about people being sexist is frankly disgusting. She’s not exactly the biggest proponent of women’s rights.

They exist. I have a few friends that still have it…And I did until about a year ago. It sucks.

They’re a rare breed, but they exist. Two people in my data communications class had dial up, but they were both older than… I’d say 27.
Then I know someone who’s never had a home computer, so there’s that, too <_<

Hmm, I kinda see what you mean, but I don’t think it’s all based on that single factor (gene preservation).

basically my comment was directed towards tim idont expect anyone else to really know what i meant. we were chatting for a while discussing everything on steam friends so dont worry if you feel lost

also cloud… it kinda seems to me like there’s something more than gene preservation driving someone into a burning building too, but then tim also mentioned to me on vent that our society evolved with the idea of “you scratch my back i’ll scratch yours”