Paranormal State

Watch this it’s freaking scary.

Paranormal State Pet Cemetery (Part 1) cematery

Paranormal State Pet Cemetery (Part 2)

Paranormal State Pet Cemetery (Part 2)

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… >_>
I love that the supposedly professional psychic acted very surprised that his powers actually worked.

Yeah, no offense to the show or you, but it seemed scripted and fake. It just so happened that all these families owned a dog, and all of which just so happened to die?

The psychic seemed rather fake as well. Considering that they already knew about the dogs that died, they’ve could’ve told the “psychic” about the dogs.

It just seemed fake. Like “A Haunting” on discovery channel. But A Haunting has an excuse because it’s a dramatization so the person watching can relive the actual experience. Personally, I would rather watch Ghost Hunters.

I’m not a skeptic on the supernatural, but this show seemed too fake, and the fact that at the very beginning it said that they get hundreds of requests seemed a little too brag-y to me. Plus, A&E said that the show in no way reflects their opinions, which I found funny, considering they air the show.