“Parkour (sometimes also abbreviated to PK) is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body.”

Like in the beginning of Casino Royale with that guy jumping on rooftops and stuff, or Mirror’s Edge.

I’ve always like running and climbing, so after hearing “parkour” in this video, I searched it and found out a bunch of stuff. I’ve been doing it for a few days now.

Anyone heard of it? Or possibly done it before?

Great examples here.

Yes. :smiley:
Parkour is fun. And dangerous.
The problem is that you will jump or climb over obstacles instead of just walking around them.

I even did a mockup for a 2D version of Mirrors Edge for the MSX a while ago because I like parkour so much.

It’s fun because it’s dangerous.

And of course you get to jump off of buildings. Everyone wants to do that.

It looks fun, no joke. I wouldn’t mind learning how to do some of the things in that video. But it also looks like a good way to break your neck.

I would consider anyone who does this for a living to be borderline insane. In other words, I would respect them, I’d just be sure not to become too attached to them as well.

It also looks like a good way to get into a lot of trouble with the law.

It helps you escape the law enforcment officers you just attracted.

I do this to a certain extent, but not the buildings and such, I haven’t tried those yet.

A friend of mine has been an active free runner for a couple years now, but he really got into when Mirror’s Edge came out, and since then I have been doing a bit myself.

Fun stuff, it also helped me find out how much of a bleeder I was when my arm caught on a shard of rock while jumping a wall. Fun times.

Like this?

That video is awesome, IE >.>

I’m a huge fan of parkour for youtube purposes, but I live in a secluded suburban area in the middle of hicksville, so I couldn’t really do it even if I had the guts :frowning:
I’d like to start someday though… I’ve wanted to since before I knew such a thing existed. Since I played Prince of Persia in elementary school :stuck_out_tongue:

…lol, tim, which prince of persia are we talking about?
I figure you’re older than me, and the only prince of persia that was around when I was in elementary school was this weird 2D game on the computer. A Mac, actually.

Yes, I am talking about the original PoP :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the SNES remake actually, but whatever.

lol, and that=parkour?
If I remember, he’s relatively slow, can’t jump for crap, has trouble grabbing onto ledges, and… well… I’ve seen better swordsmen =P Good game, though. He made interesting sounds when you jumped him into the spikes.

Edit: Also, I love your sig. I lol’d.

I re-used the the BG from the Killuzone mockup.

Liks, that is awesome. I want a 2D Mirror’s edge now, damn it. do?

That’s nothing like the real game except the character and running.

Liks’s looks cooler

BOO YAH, 56.50 TIME.
That game’s fun :3

Excellent find, PY! That is fun!

I played that flash game earlier and it sucked.
This newer version is starting to look a little bit more like Mirrors Edge, but it’s still nothing like the real game. :frowning:

My mockup uses MSX2 colors and tile limitations. It means that it would be possible to port it to SNES and Genesis if it was a real game.

Damn it! I really hate 3D graphics. I would like to work at DICE here in Sweden and create 2D platformers for Amiga and 16-bit consoles. :frowning:

surprisinly well made game…

with this route
so i guess i’m not optimal yet. didn’t watch route before doing my run so i kinda found it on my own :3c

EDIT: yay 53.87 my fingers hurt now