I got a new operating system for a paintball gun that I want to get patented. So I go to the US Office of Patents or whatever its called, and there’s a link call ‘how to get a patent’. So I click it and it tells me nothing!! Would anyone be able to help me? I assume it would cost money, but how much? I can’t find any of this on their site. :confused:

You have to be over 18 to register a patent, I’m 90% sure.
And it’ll definitely cost you lots of money for a lawyer and stuff.
Chances are, if you thought of it, it’s been thought of before.

Actually, if it’s been thought of, it would be in use. Cuz its brilliant.

If it was brilliant, it would probably be in use.

That said, hey, if you really think you’ve got something, the patent system exists as it does for a reason. Explore the site some more or somethign.

I guess you can’t tell us, but I assume it had to do with your other topic.
Google searching could help, though I think tim is right - it won’t come cheap.

Not only is the patent filing fee $100, but that’ll undoubtedly turn out to be pocket change compared to how much you’ll have to pay a patent attorney.

crap… :angry:

job FTW?

Well, tell us if you get it patented, cause given your current questions about Paintball firing mechanisms (whoops, shouldn’t say that… :>_>: ) I might be interested at seeing what you came up with. Don’t worry, I most definitely won’t steal your idea even if you didn’t get it patented. I doubt I would even have an inkling of knowledge about how to do it or even what to use.

Yeah, if you post your idea here, we won’t steal it…

It won’t be useful to any of us at all, but at least we’ll be impressed by your inventiveness (unless it’s been done before, which it has, I guarantee you).

Thanks, Timaster :angry:

The thing about me posting it is that someone who has the knowledge could easily find it and steal it. Oh well, I’ll probably tell you anyway…

Well, see if you can get it patented first. Definitely.

there is no way I’ll ever get that much money.

Y’sure? Start a savings account, work a day job, do some sort of hobby that you could sell for money - a little can go a long way.

My parents won’t let me get a job until I get my eagle which is months away.

Well, nevertheless, I would love to get a general idea of what you’re idea is. It intrigues me. Don’t give out any specs, just a basic idea of what it is would be cool. PM me if you want to keep it even more private.

wink wink nudge nudge
Hey dude you should totally spill yer beans.

Unfortunately, there really aren’t any specs. Its really just an idea. If I told you anything other than the fact that there is a solenoid that acts as a valve, then I would be telling too much. In fact saying that probably is too much.

What’s wrong with regular valves?

Nothing. But this would reduce the amount of moving parts and thus making it more stable to shoot at high speeds.