To be honest, I didn’t even know the reference when I posted that (I’ve never played strong bad).

But I LOL’d.

strongbad isn’t a game…

Strongbad is a character on
…he also has a game, Strongbad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.

I has 2 Cats Tom and Oliver
however pillock and moron would be better names for them

Erm… it is now. Have you looked at the WiiWare games recently?

Strong Bad isn’t a game any more than Samus is a game.

or Link


Each of my pets have something strange and unique about them. Maggie gets hiccups, Midnight makes strange grunting noises when he takes a dump, Milo eats fur off his legs, Poe plays fetch, and Tweety hates EVERYBOY except my sister :stuck_out_tongue:

boogey hates everyone and eveything, unless he’s in a cuddly mood which normally happens at night

sierra is skiddish and outside most of the time, he was born a wild kitten

kittens is a “scottish fold” with non folded ears and is really… bad xD

Veronica is also a nonfolded scottish fold, and is a cuddle bug

one of the birds is a bitey little prick, another hisses at me sometimes the rest of the time he’s skiddish, the last bird is just skiddish xD

the catfish is normal and cleans the bottom of the tank xD
then horizontaol stripy little thing has survived a holocaust of his kind
my nan used to own him and many other of his kind
he was the only survivor

the angel fish must think shes a person, and is also a pig xD

Gus likes to stand on shoulders and watch TV, he’s also nuts for raisins xDD

petie is the DUMBEST dog in the world
i think he may be litterally retarded
no joke