Pink's Sprite Thread

Well, i dont really have too much work to show off but i figured id just post these re-colors of MZM power suit, just for some suggestions-comments.

First off is the Dawn Suit…

Next is the Twilight Suit

And yes, i will post more things…

ok, not to be rude:

yeah yeah i know, those wont be the only things ill put up here though, im working on an Edited version of zero from MMZ(will be my custom guy)…

Well, those aren’t ONLY recolored, anyway… It seems to me that the twilight suit has more of a sharp feeling to it.

It may just be a minor edit, but it sure makes it look better.

yeah, it has spike-type things on the shoulders the hand the feet and the knees.

Those suits actually look really cool.

Thanks! :slight_smile: